5th Season of King of the Sea summary

As the 6th Season of King of the Sea is ending, let’s rememorate the previous season.

The 5th edition of this community-driven tournament was cross-regional for the first time. Top3 clans from the NA region clashed with Top3 EU clans for Atlantic Supremacy.

The tournament format was the same: Tier 10 in 9 vs 9, with maximum 1 CV and 2 BB allowed.

NA bracket:


EU bracket:


Despite being supported by Wargaming, there is no dedicated in-game User Interface (UI) developed yet, which means the teams must use Training Rooms and there is no “observer” slot – the commenters having to join a team and promptly suicide at the beginning of the match. This also means lack of free camera with unrestricted overview over the two fleets – the adverse ships not being fully visible. The resulting continuous switching between teams is disorientating.


Along with the cross-regional format came another brilliant idea: Wargaming invited Flamu and Izolate in their Paris studio for casting the tournament finals. The duo set up a new standard in live commenting the game, so we could enjoy a great tournament combined with didactic immersion into the tournament world.​kots casting


Suggestions for future tournaments:

  • We missed many decisive moments because they happened outside of the commenters screen. Also, for those critical savory moments caught live, we did not enjoy any replay. A third guy in the studio should join the game as observer for better chances of capturing the hottest moments then replay them.
  • The end of the tournament was too abrupt. There could be special prizes for the public, special announcements, combined with awarding titles like “best player of the tournament” or “best CV drop of the tournament”, reviewing memorable moments, clan commander’s live interviews and so on. Such a great organization of tournament finals should culminate with a general fiesta!
  • Add RU and SEA servers!


For posterity, the KotS 5 commented replays:

Grand finale NA vs EU: O7 vs WGP2W
Second place NA vs EU: PSV vs OMNI
Third place NA vs EU: ZR vs TWA
NA finale: PSV vs O7
NA third place: CUTER vs ZR
EU finale: WGP2W vs OMNI
EU third place: ALN vs TWA
EU semi final: WGP2W vs KINGS
EU semi final: OMNI vs SKUNK
EU semi final: WGP2W vs ALN
EU semi final: OMNI vs TWA
Author: PseudoMi Staff Verified

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