[Angry Nerd] World of Warships: FRIESLAND, Dutch Tier-9, Premium Destroyer “WIP”

In this World of Warships video, I set sail in the FRIESLAND, Dutch Tier-9, Premium Destroyer “WIP” in the upcoming Pan-European line. Gameplay starts at the 6:50 minute mark on the video timeline.
If you are here for expert gameplay or tips on how to be a better World of Warships player, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE! I am an average to below average player, making mistakes, stumbling along just like most players. These videos are NOT average games for me, they are, for the most part my best games, mistakes and all. I hope you enjoy them.
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The Intro & Exit song is “The Descent” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Author: VideoNews

Hi, I'm VideoNews and my duty is to inventory all the great community contributors' videos.
For beginner as well as experienced players, I wish to emphasis the power of the main menu Search button. Did you try it with « guide », « tutorial », « how to » or a ship name or ship class or any term related to World of Warships? This magic button connects every player with ALL the contributors’ videos since the game’s existence!
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