Citadel Hits (By Syanda)

Sunday, 2 August 2015
Citadel Hits (By Syanda)
Ever been oneshot by an enemy ship, or seen an enormous chunk of your hitpoints immediately disappear in a single salvo? You probably had your citadel zone wrecked. Here’s a quick guide on tips on how to do it back to other individuals.
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Quick-and-dirty clarification: As naval designers started building larger ships to handle the bigger weapons going out to see, they started to appreciate that they couldn’t afford to fit armour in all places. As such, the decision was made to solely armour up the critical zones that had been completely vital for the ship’s survival. Most, if not all of the armour was concentrated to kind a “citadel” round a ship’s engines and journal spaces – as long as these citadel zones remained intact, a ship may still survive. Conversely, if these citadels were breached by gunfire, it would undergo important damage.
If you would like more details about warship protection, lookup “all-or-nothing” armour and various articles on the type.
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Locating the citadel
Now, the place are the citadel zones on a ship? These are sometimes buried in the bowels of the ship and underneath probably the most amount of safety. Cruisers and Battleships are the ships who’ve citadel construction in place. Destroyers are just about unarmoured in every single place, and do not really have a citadel to hit – any HE shot to their sides will knock out their engines
Be aware that different ships could have different areas for his or her citadels, but as a normal rule, they’re located below the ship’s funnels and underneath their turrets.
Hitting the citadel
Hanging the citadel zone requires penetration of probably the most protected part of the ship, and thus requires correct shell choice, good aiming, and a healthy amount of luck.
First issues first - Both HE and AP shells are capable of getting Citadel Hits. Nevertheless, hitting the citadels require penetrating a ship at the right place and angle. Due to this fact, you’ll want to be using AP shells with a purpose to get citadel hits.
As a basic rule, with a view to get citadel hits, your shells should land as near the waterline on the goal ship as potential, and affect underneath the funnels or the turrets. Subsequently, match your intention marker to the same space the place the goal ship’s hull meets the waterline. Should you manage to hit the citadel, you will see this pop up instead of the usual hit ribbon:
If you’re in a battleship, you are capable of hitting other battleships’ citadels with AP at all ranges, and cruiser citadels with AP in any respect ranges (or HE if they’re evenly armoured enough). For those who’re in a cruiser, you are able to hitting other cruisers’ citadels with AP. It is possible, simply unlikely, to handle to citadel a battleship as a cruiser – your weapons may not have sufficient penetration to break by means of a battleship’s side armour. Should you’re in a destroyer, do not bother attempting to citadel a battleship – your AP shells will seemingly just bounce. It’s potential, but very unlikely that you could manage to citadel a cruiser in a destroyer – it typically happens when you’re firing at a very close range. Nevertheless, notice that when your torpedoes breach the citadel zones, it might be attainable to deal extraordinarily huge harm to your target and kill them in 1-2 torpedo hits. Observe that it is potential to get citadel hits at very lengthy vary as a consequence of plunging hearth. When shells are placing at close to their most range, they fall virtually vertically impression on a ship’s deck as a substitute of its sides. If AP shells land on a ships (usually extra thinly armoured) deck, they might penetrate the citadel zones in the event that they hit juuuuuust right. It’s really tough to actually actively seek these, however its always worth it to shell targets at long vary in the hopes of getting it.
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