[Drachinifel] The Drydock – Episode 031

Yes, I know the number in the video intro is wrong.

00:00:18 – Channel Admin stuff

00:01:10 – Flank Speed vs Full Speed Ahead

00:08:33 – High Seas Fleet unleashed as commerce raiders?

00:14:07 – Could the Montana’s have gone faster?

00:16:45 – Red hot shot and Molter Iron, effects on ironclad development?

00:21:37 – Future big-gun battleship?

00:25:45 – Iowa SAG vs Kirov SAG

00:29:36 – Type XXI U-boats in service earlier?

00:32:36 – Odd nuclear powered ships?

00:35:11 – Smaller guns in triples or larger guns in twins?

00:39:00 – Royal Navy Coloured Fleets?

00:42:30 – 7th Fleet at Battle of Samar?

00:43:18 – County class, poorly designed or unlucky?

00:45:44 – What did crews do when they ships were in drydock for extended periods?


Author: HistoryNews Staff Beloved bot

Hi, I'm HistoryNews and I'm scanning for great documentaries about world navies and naval battles related to our game 🙂

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