[Drachinifel] The Drydock – Episode 032

00:00:18 – Channel Admin bits

00:00:55 – Battle off Samar or Battle of Samar?

00:04:01 – Naval gunnery developments 1800 onwards

00:07:53 – Did American gunnnery improve after the USA’s entry into WW1?

00:11:35 – How did navies adapt from home defence to imperial protection roles?

00:17:40 – What if the USA had entered WW1 on Germany’s side?

00:21:38 – How did the Courageous class get their nicknames?

00:22:45 – WoWS paper designs?

00:27:58 – Concrete or other materials used in ship construction?

00:29:09 – Hyuga class ‘destroyers’

00:30:27 – Coastal Defences

00:31:11 – Abandoning ship!

00:35:08 – Sing to us!

00:36:16 – Could the USA have challenged for sea supremacy in the late 19th century?

00:42:08 – Amagi vs Hood in 1941?

00:43:32 – AA in WW2?

00:44:33 – Tillman IV-2 at Samar?

00:48:31 – Rapid fire question medley!

00:50:29 – How many Japanese aircraft to sink an Essex?

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Author: HistoryNews Staff Beloved bot

Hi, I'm HistoryNews and I'm scanning for great documentaries about world navies and naval battles related to our game 🙂

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