[Drachinifel] The Drydock – Episode 037

00:00:18 – Channel Admin

00:01:05 – Sources for Habbakkuk Project

00:01:53 – Merchant Aircraft Carrier effectiveness?

00:04:33 – Would the German subs in WW2 have benefitted for less centralisation?

00:06:33 – How would one sink HMS Habbakkuk?

00:09:18 – Would HMS Habbakkuk be around today if it had been built?

00:11:23 – French pre-dreadnought doctrine?

00:12:13 – Sources for 2nd Pacific Squadron

00:13:47 – What could make an aircraft carrier obsolete?

00:16:25 – What is a transom stern?

00:19:39 – How would the 2nd Pacific Squadron fair against the Royal Navy?

00:20:39 – Crossing the ‘T’, still effective or obsolete?

00:22:25 – What if the Black Sea fleet went east instead of the Baltic Fleet?

00:23:28 – Why was Italian WW2 battleship gunnery so inaccurate?

00:26:01 – Why was the Fubuki class considered so revolutionary?

00:30:21 – Unrotated Projectile Launcher?

00:34:30 – Bouncing bomb against French docks?

00:36:14 – If the Kriegsmarine had tried a ‘Gibralter Dash’ instead of a ‘Channel Dash’?

00:39:37 – Why no 8-inch destroyers?

00:41:21 – Ships under fire from land forces

00:42:48 – Usefulness of a modernised Bayern class?

00:49:07 – Ship Classifications Video?

00:49:57 – Why are Quadruple turrets rare?

00:53:37 – What’s a Revenue Cutter?

00:56:48 – How do you automate loading on an elevated gun?

00:59:38 – Multiple British monitor classes?

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Author: HistoryNews Staff Beloved bot

Hi, I'm HistoryNews and I'm scanning for great documentaries about world navies and naval battles related to our game 🙂

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