[Drachinifel] The Drydock – Episode 040

00:00:18 – Channel Admin

00:01:09 – Sources for HMS Indefatigable video

00:01:49 – If the US went to war with Napoleon and sent the navy to help the British, how would they have preformed in a alternate Battle of Trafalgar?

00:04:10 – Would targeting the superstructure of a ship be an effective way to render it combat ineffective?

00:06:59 – Australia vs Canada 1939 and 1945. Whose navy would win in a brawl?

00:08:20 – How would a Constitution Class Frigate stand up to an Indefatigable Class Razee?

00:11:44 – Which ship was the first razee? Who came up with the razee idea?

00:13:34 – Sources for Destroyers (pre-WW1) video

14:00:00 – Inter-war Kongo/Fuso replacements?

00:16:38 – Why turtleback armour?

00:18:24 – What ship is this?

00:19:07 – How and why did DDs superseded the cruisers in the modern day to be the jack of all trades ship?

00:23:27 – What would a naval engagement between the US and British navies or German and American navies have looked like in the 1910’s/20’s?

00:29:44 – What if the Kriegsmarine had focussed on mines instead?

00:33:10 – Development of anti-aircraft Systems brought about by the RN’s experience in the Falklands War?

00:40:29 – Describe HMS Splendid?

00:41:15 – How effective were floatplanes operated from capital ships?

00:44:50 – Age of Sail Marine equipment vs land-based infatry

00:49:41 – Grog in the Royal Navy

00:56:26 – HSF vs USN 1918

01:03:02 – Significance of Britain capturing the Danish navy in 1807

01:06:03 – Effectiveness of the Flower class corvettes?

01:08:27 – Influence of the Dutch 1665 Regiment de Marine on development of the British Royal Marines and/or vice versa

01:11:53 – Rubber flight decks!

01:15:28 – RCN effectiveness in WW2?

01:19:55 – What was the biggest mistake of WW2 in terms of navy strategy for each navy?

01:28:55 – Why did Russia not focus on capital ship construction during the interwar period?

01:31:54 – 5 most significant sea battles of history?

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Hi, I'm HistoryNews and I'm scanning for great documentaries about world navies and naval battles related to our game 🙂

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