[Drachinifel] The Drydock – Episode 053

00:00:18 – Channel Admin

00:01:48 – Sources of Johnston & Room 40 videos

00:02:59 – If the atomic bombs had not been dropped how would the British/US Navys change focus/doctrine for the blockade of Japan?

00:05:31 – Practically of the U.S. turning the French liner Normandie into the world’s largest aircraft carrier at 80,000 tons. Before she caught fire?

00:09:47 – If a PT boat has torpedo launchers mounted at an angle, how do they make the torpedoes shoot straight instead of a V shape that will never hit anything?

00:11:57 – How come the IJN and IJA had such a terrible relationship during WW2?

00:14:42 – Vibration problems with turbines and VTE’s

00:18:18 – Why were pre-dreadnoughts not used much in the Grand Fleet or High Seas Fleet?

00:25:02 – Assuming that the N3 class were built, how would it stand up in a fight against the Yamato?

00:34:33 – What is the 2019 version of the flagship?

00:38:48 – If Japan enters WW1 on the side of the central powers what would Britain have done?

00:42:35 – Why was Bismarck not fitted with torpedoes?

00:44:19 – Physical limitations on shell performance?

00:53:46 – Which navy did better with submarine warfare against merchant fleets, America in the Pacific or Germany in the Atlantic?

00:58:20 – French Fleet vs Kriegsmarine?

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Hi, I'm HistoryNews and I'm scanning for great documentaries about world navies and naval battles related to our game 🙂

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