[Drachinifel] The Drydock – Episode 054B (2/3)

00:00:18 – Japanese names correction

00:01:45 – Shipyards influencing designs in the UK in the late 19th and early 20th centuries?

00:05:43 – Which country’s navy was best equipped to accomplish their objectives at their respective point of entry in World War II?

00:09:21 – What would the compliment of ship’s boats be on a typical WWII-era battleship? What would the design and purpose of the various boats be?

00:12:12 – The B Bomb

00:18:30 – Why did the Japanese for the most part keep the Myoko class for defending the East Indies while much weaker CAs were slogging it out around the Solomons?

00:19:47 – Effects of ‘smokeless’ powder?

00:23:18 – What benefits or drawbacks would a trimaran hull, like the Independence class Littoral Combat Ships, have for a dreadnought battleship?

00:28:15 – Were there any consequences/ punishments if a nation exceeded the limits of the Washington and London Naval Treaties? Why did each subsequent treaty keep tightening restrictions on gun size and tonnage of non capital ships, what country was hurt the most by this and which one was helped the most?

00:33:58 – What was the general attitude among the men and officers of the French Navy towards the Royal Navy during and after the Napoleonic Wars? During: did they go into battles like, say, the Nile or Trafalgar fully expecting to win? After: how long did take for them to generally admit that, yes, Britain really did rule the Waves and that the French were now a bit of a second-rate power navally?

00:41:41 – Was the Dreadnought built too early?

00:47:27 – Most capable last-gen pre-dreadnought?

00:55:56 – Admiral Ernest J King was famous for not exactly being a fan of the British in general and the Royal Navy in particular. Was his antipathy triggered by an incident (or incidents) or was he just like that?

00:58:42 – Which capital ship underwent the most successful major rebuild?

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