[Drachinifel] The Drydock – Episode 054C (3/3)

00:00:18 – Would it be possible to construct a typical age-of-sail ship-of-the-line but replace the various guns with WW2-era versions? What kinds of modifications would need to be made? How would such a ship perform in combat against its contemporaries?

00:06:18 – Which captain holds the record for the Longest and Shortest command?

00:09:21 – Your top 5 navals songs/hymns/shanties/ditties/tunes etc?

00:10:50 – Have you been to the US and seen any of the ships that have been saved? If you haven’t, what ships would you like to see, say, top 5 in the US.

00:13:01 – Do you think Gneisineau could have done anything worthwhile if it’s conversion to 15in guns was completed?

00:14:56 – Take over one Age of Sail conflict?

00:18:17 – How much does naval artillery development parallel land artillery development? Is there a particular order that things need to available when building a ship? What is cemented armor?

00:27:23 – If ships of the line had a grain-like food, how did they keep the bread-like stuff from spoiling?

00:29:03 – How did shipboard generators evolve from when they were commonly used on warships until the end of WW2? And how did the concurrent measures to keep the ship powered under fire evolve?

00:33:26 – Opinion on Japanese Destroyer Captain (book?)

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