German Cruiser Siegfried, Tier IX, Replace!

German cruiser Siegfried, tier IX
Siegfried has a very large caliber even inside the range of different giant cruisers — 380 mm. Even though the ship has solely 6 weapons, it’s more than enough contemplating their accuracy, which is an uncommon trait for large cruisers.
In addition to that, this German Vessel is supplied with a particular Hydroacoustic search, increased penetration HE shells and good armor capable of tanking” enemy shells.
All stats are listed with out crew and improve modifiers.
The stats are subject to change throughout testing.
Firing range — 20.6 km.
Reload time — 26.0 s.
Maximum dispersion — a hundred seventy five м.
Sigma — 2.05.
Torpedo tubes
Most injury — 13700.
Reload time — 90 s.
Torpedo detectability — 1.three km.
hit probability — eighty three %,
AA defense mid-range:
harm within an explosion — 1190,
continuous harm per second — 569,
hit chance — 88 %,
AA protection long-range:
damage inside an explosion — 1540,
steady harm per second — 150,
hit likelihood — 88 %,
AA sector reinforcement — 25%,
sector reinforcement shift time — 10 s.
Maximum pace — 33.5 kt.
Floor detectability — 15.1 km.
Air detectability — 10.7 km.
Accessible consumables:
2 slot — Hydroacoustic Search (motion time: a hundred and twenty s,
detection of ships: 6 км,
detection of torpedoes: 4 km) / Defensive AA fire.
three slot — Fighter / Recognizing Aircraft.
4 slot — Repair Party.
ST, adjustments to Siegfried
German cruiser Siegfried, tier IX:
– Secondary battery firing range increased from 5 to 7.6 km;
– Secondary armament reload time lowered from 4 to 3.6 s;
Siegfried has highly effective guns that may deal good damage at lengthy ranges as a result of accuracy and caliber, and the ship’s armor layout helps in surviving return hearth. The principle battery traits make it troublesome to successfully struggle destroyers and frivolously armored targets at close range. The modifications will enable Siegfried to deal damage at close distance while the principle battery is reloading even without expertise or upgrades. This will enhance the ship’s efficiency at shut vary, supplementing the Hydroacoustic search with 6 km detection vary of ships and torpedoes.
posted Juli 19-19 by WoWS Development!
German cruiser Siegfried, tier IX:
– Variety of expenses for the Restore Social gathering consumable lowered from three to 2;
– Torpedo vary lowered from 8 to 6 km.
Parameters of the Restore get together consumables were aligned with the usual values for cruisers, and torpedo range was aligned with the values of excessive-tier German cruisers and battleships.
German cruiser Siegfried, tier IX, Replace!
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