How The United States Of America Joined WW II

One December 7, 1941, the Japanese Navy attacked Pearl Harbor and took everybody by surprise. Nonetheless, the incident precipitated the entry of the United States of America into World Battle II.
The events that led to the assault on Pearl Harbor truly started a decade earlier. In 1931, Japan occupied Manchuria and claimed it as an unbiased state which was run by the Japanese army through a puppet government. Until this happened, Manchuria was a part of China. Then, Japan began increasing its empire and embarked in 1937 to beat China. The United States had economical and political pursuits in China and East Asia, so it began strengthening the army energy in Pacific and sending assist to China to combat the Japanese occupation.
Within the meantime, in September 1940, Hitler created the Tripartite Pact whereby there was a mutual army assistance agreement between Japan, Germany and Italy. By July 1941, peace negotiations were failing and the United States and Great Britain reacted by putting embargo on oil and other raw material to Japan. This came as a shock to Japan as 80 percent of its oil was provided by America and the Japanese authorities seen the oil embargo as threat to the survival of the nation. In return, Japan went on to seize Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), which was wealthy in oil, inside a 12 months, virtually all of Indochina was occupied by Japan.
By this time, it was a forgone conclusion that America must go to struggle with Japan. Conflict was inevitable. Franklin D Roosevelt had the foresight of transferring the United States Pacific Fleet to Pearl Harbor 18 months earlier than. The commander of Japanese fleet, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, knew that the Pacific Fleet posed a significant menace to Japan so he engineered a shock assault to immobilize the US Navy earlier than a war between Japan and the US befell.
Admiral Yamamoto devised an assault pressure that consisted of 6 plane carriers with over 420 planes, a bunch of fast battleships, cruisers, destroyers, and tankers to fuel ships. A separate group of scout submarines had been sent upfront to Hawaii to sink any American warships that escaped.
The assault on Pearl Harbor was certainly ingenious with exact planning and execution of aerial warfare and shock. The December 7, 1941 attack killed 2,four hundred US military personnel and sixty eight civilians. Over 1,one hundred have been wounded. The US forces lost 188 aircraft and 159 were broken. Within the Pacific Fleet, 21 warships have been both damaged or sunk.