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Published on March 2018; last update: n/a; reporter: PseudoMi



  • 1st CLAN BATTLES season => 8th
  • MARTOBOY tournament => 7th

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Reporter: Greetings KISS ! When did your clan start and what is the story behind ?

RevelJet (clan commander):

Our clan has started its activity in the middle of the spring 2017 (its pretty young). Our first tournament team was called “POLMW” (we were gathered together by a player with nickname Tannenfells – he is from Russia, as me, but he was trying to make an international team on RU server). All of that was happening right before the biggest tournament on RU server – “Martoboy (Мартобой)”. Tannenfels is very close to Poland for some reasons, so we met strong and experienced guys from Polish clan called “NESI” – they have started their accounts on RU server (Azellish, Czacha, Dropsiq, MaciejoViethnam from ALN, etc). We all met in 1 team called “POLMW”, blended our squad with some RU players and started to play.


The one and only activity of our previous title (POLMW) was Martoboy tournament – and we took 7th place! Not bad for a start. After that tournament we’ve decided to change our clan name to make it more interesting for new players from all servers, and, actually, POLMW (Polska Marynarka Woenna) was a little bit stupid)) We (as a team) asked our official commander Tannenfels to change name of clan (Tannenfels was not playing, just managing us). But he refused without any chances… So we decidet to leave his clan and make our own. We called it “KISS” – KIngdom of Shipwreck & the Sardines. The main idea of our clan was to make presence in it pleasant and enjoyable, without any obligatory or mandatory stuff and to connect with players from other servers. We are open for players from NA, EU and ASIA. The only thing you have to do – play well. 😎
In the First season of Clan Battles we have taken a lot of new players, mostly from our server (RU). Our “Old Guard” (Me, MaciejoViethnam, Czacha, Azellish) almost wasn’t playing. But we managed to take 8th place (our top position was 4th, but then we decided to farm “Stalingrad” flag for all our new players and lost 4 positions). Welcome to KISS, guys!


Reporter: Your players average age, gender distribution (surprise us!), nationalities ?

RevelJet :

Average age is about 28-32 years. We have 1 girl and working to get more) We are Russian mostly, but we have players from Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Italy and Singapore.


Reporter: What about your contribution, as a clan or member of, to the WoWs-community ?

RevelJet :

I can speak by myself – with help of our clan I was making great fun videos (called WoWs Moments Show ). It’s really great content that was admitted very good.


Reporter: What’s your key to success ? How exactly did you manage to accomplish this level, compared to other clans ?

RevelJet :

Democracy and ability to listen. We don’t have main leader or something like that, we are working for idea together.


Reporter: How do you prepare for competitions ? Are you doing something special ?

RevelJet :

We are training before big tournaments, but not as much as needed, cause we are playing for pleasure.


Reporter: Tell us about your most difficult, epic victory ever.

RevelJet :

That was Bo3 series in group stage of Martoboy . There was 1-1 and final battle for victory. Watch from 20:10.


Reporter: And your worst defeat, at the worst moment, when victory seemed acquired ?

RevelJet :

Oh, don’t even want to remember)


Reporter: How does a week in your clan life looks like ?

RevelJet :

We just meet on TeamSPeak and play high-tier randoms, discussing of reallife problems and conversating.


Reporter: Is evolving at such level compatible with a classic life outside of the game ?

RevelJet :

I’m trying to separate, can’t speak for others.


Reporter: Like in any online game community, clans come, clans go. We can often see established clans breaking apart from one day to another. What would you recommend for stability in time ?

RevelJet :

As I said before – listen and respect.


Reporter: What qualities should a candidate have, beside stratospheric stats, to retain your attention ?

RevelJet :

Hm. It can be redhead and sexy. And be a girl, of course. Badum-Tss. Seriously – be a good man.


Reporter: What action would you undertake as clan officers, if you ever receive a complaint about one of your players insulting other players during a random game, screenshots provided ?

RevelJet :

Sometimes even me insulting other for stratospheric stupidity and receiving 3-day readonly for chat. Of course you have to know limits. If players is very very agressive and incorrect – we are talking to him. We have kicked out 2 guys from clan for super-agressive insulting 24/7.


Reporter: Would you dare to describe yourself during your first 200 battles on the game ?

RevelJet :

It was WOW-effect – at the start the game was very intertesting for me. I like history of battleships, so this game has touched me very deep. I was playing WoT before (25k battles) so I was little bit experienced. But I played as potato)) Then I studied game mechanics, technical characteristics, etc. and improved seriously.


Reporter: Your feelings about the first CW season, its format and gameplay ?

RevelJet :

I want CV in this mode and 9*9.


Reporter: How would you have organized the first CW season, if you were accordingly commissioned by WG ?

RevelJet :



Reporter: Your feelings about submarines ?

RevelJet :

What’s wrong with them? I have the feeling that I meet them every battle playing BB))


Reporter: How do you see the game in 2021 – hypothetical version 1.0 ?

RevelJet :

I have three dreams: not more than 3 DD in each team, USSR battleship line and, OMFG, please, give me back Ice Islands and Bees to Honey maps from beta!!!!


Reporter: Could you name three aspects of the game you consider brilliant, three things you would like to see coming in the future and three things you would like to see gone ?

RevelJet :

I think you can find answer in my previous replies. But I have to add something. I hate fast battles. On RU-server we call it “TurboBattle”. I think that if enemy team have 0 points, battle shouldn’t stop.


Reporter: Name what you consider being the most Push-to-Win silver ship in the game. And the premium* one ? * available to all players at the moment we speak

RevelJet :

Montana and Tirpitz.


Reporter: What would you like to see on a site like Yellow Sub ?

RevelJet :

Community news, News from supertest 🙂


Reporter: Thank you for your participation, RevelJet & KISS team, and good luck in all your goals.

RevelJet :

Thank you for your activity, PseudoMi. Join KISS! 😉

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