Pores and skin Pack 002

Thank for the assist for fan, we gladly current the brand new skin assortment.
Huge pack collection of PravdaTeam until March 2016. Mounted most error from the older skin replace. Skin modification that change the visible of most ship with varied anime character theme. A number of the half you might see on different ship as nicely that using the identical half. Pack included ship preview icon and different small element like vary finder, radar, and many others… Detail and obtain could be view under:
Pores and skin Checklist and Character
– Hashidate (Katori) – Tenryu (Tenryuu) – Kuma (Abukuma) – Aoba (AobaxKinugasa) – Myoko (Haguro) – Mogami (Suzuya) – Zao (Reimu) – Myoji (Akame) – Kongou (Kongou) – Fuso (Fusou) – Nagato (NagatoxMutsu) – Izumo (Kaga) – Hosho (Hosho) – Zuihou (Zuihou) – Ryujo (Ryujo) – Hiryu (Hiryuu) – Shoukaku (Shoukaku) – Taihou (Taihou) – Hakuryu (Katsuragi) – Umikaze (Umikaze) – Isokaze (Isokaze) – Minekaze (Hibiki) – Atago (Atago) – Iwaki Alpha (Yahagi) –
– Omaha (Umaru) – Cleveland (Ruby) – Iowa (Yang) – Ranger (Wiess) – Essex (Sayuki) – Sims (Blake)
– Blyskawica (Misaka)
Change data:
Fastened text and art error to a number of new and previous ship
Added new plane Pores and skin for Ryujo, Hiryuu, Shoukaku, Hakuryu and Ranger
Added new skin for Fighter and Spotter Airplane on Cruiser or Battleship
Improving the previous Ship Preview Icon
Remaster skin of Aoba and Suzuya
Other Skin:
Airplane Catapult
Camoflage remover (All)
Much more… poi
Set up:
Extract the archive at the latest patch folder within the res_mod in WoWs folder
World_of_Warships\res_mods\(newest model)
BE AWARE: Please Read the Glow Fix earlier than install this Pores and skin Pack ^ – Link
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sustain the nice work guys! lovin it 😛
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Amagi – Amagi Good Park
Murmansk – Anatasia (Idol [email protected])
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