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Published on April 2018; last update: n/a; reporter: PseudoMi


Majorities of us only plays Random Battles, so we do not have habit of keeping battle records.
However, our clan is probably one of the first clan (not confirmed officially) to reach member capacity of 50 and have all the base components expanded.



Reporter: Hello RNF ! When did your clan start and what is the story behind ?

OVERDRIVEZhi (clan representative) :

I’m not one of the founding members, however, I can answer those questions on their behalf.

The clan was founded by Nanjo_Yoshino
, with several other major members including Yukino
. The clan exists before WG created the official clan system, and was one of older clan organisation in NA server.

The initial main focus of our clan organisation is to gather a group of people that is good at WoWs and division with each other. We stared playing games other than WoWs together soon after.


Reporter: Your players average age, gender distribution (surprise us!), nationalities ?


Average age is unknown, probably above 20 (lol). No surprise for the gender unfortunately, 99% of them are male.
Majority of us have a Chinese background, but lives in the US and Canada [One of us lives in Australia! :P]


Reporter: What about your contribution, as a clan or member of, to the WoWs-community ?


Some are friendly, some are toxic, just like any other online games. Personally, I think the clan system also took a important role in shaping the WoWS community.

The clan system divides the whole communities into several different parts: 1. NA top community (Players with top skill level), 2. Asian players in NA server, 3. Aussies 4. NA normal community (Clans that mainly do Division + Random purpose)

You will be surprised how many Asian players, mainly Chinese, are playing in NA server. Top Chinese clans are closely related to each other, while some of them are hostile to each other.

Our clan have a closer relationship to NADO, which is also a top clan in NA server consists of Chinese player.


Reporter: What’s your key to success ? How exactly did you manage to accomplish this level, compared to other clans ?


Our clan leader, while not having top-level skill (we call him 261 due to his WTR :D), have good leadership and can properly manage our clan member relationship.

Also, most of us have a universal background as a Chinese, therefore we understand each other better that way.


Reporter: How do you prepare for competitions ? Are you doing something special ?


Once we attended a very early competition called super league (or something like that) organised by OPG. We respec all the captains and did plenty of training room matches.

However, they did not give our their promised rewards. So we decide not to attend to any other unofficially organised matches after.


Reporter: Tell us about your most difficult, epic victory ever.


🙂 I’m not good at story telling.


Reporter: And your worst defeat, at the worst moment, when victory seemed acquired ?




Reporter: How does a week in your clan life looks like ?


Our clan is lack of training and usually only plays Random Battles. So unless there’s a CW session we just division with each other and have fun.


Reporter: Is evolving at such level compatible with a classic life outside of the game ?


Sometimes it can be annoying because it is very hard to gather enough members for Clan War. I’m the one from Aussie and CW timetable is freaking annoying because it’s basically 10a.m – 3p.m now for me, and I do have class at that time.

But I’m glad that WG did give enough time for someone like me to complete this CW session (way to the Stalingrad).


Reporter: Like in any online game community, clans come, clans go. We can often see established clans breaking apart from one day to another. What would you recommend for stability in time ?


Don’t play Clan Wars? xD

Seriously though, Clan War is the one of the easiest way to get clan members to conflict. Complains, anger, all those negative elements will go towards each other as soon as one of the member made some mistake that causes the whole team fail. You need a very good leader and team that can grasp enough victories to buffer out all those negative emotions between team members. It remains a major challenge for most of the clans.

OPG have experienced major crew loss because of CW training tasks.
SALTY dissolved because of CW attendance issues.
MLGB dissolved because of CW win rate issues.

They were once top 10 NA clan, now gone.


Reporter: What qualities should a candidate have, beside stratospheric stats, to retain your attention ?


While I’m not the recruitment officer of the clan, I can tell you that our clan requires good personal quality and nothing else to join.

That have caused some issues of course, such as some of our clan members is not good enough to evolve in CW, but overall this standard works well for our organisation because all we want is to have fun.


Reporter: What action would you undertake as clan officers, if you ever receive a complaint about one of your players insulting other players during a random game, screenshots provided ?


I’m not in charge of this, but our clan members does insult for a reason. As long as the one can explain the reason and keep it personal, then we allows them to do whatever. Few members were kicked due to inappropriate insults.


Reporter: Would you dare to describe yourself during your first 200 battles on the game ?


I’m having so many battles (9000+) that I cannot remember. Probably something like having 261 WTR, lol


Reporter: Your feelings about the first CW season, its format and gameplay ?


It’s alright, mixed feeling about 1st season. Overall the decision on CV is crap but reasonable, the CV is not properly balanced and 6 ships’s AA spread out are not enough to fight against a tier X CV. 1 BB limit is ok but we prefer maybe 2 so the overall meta will shift to balanced number of ships for each class.

The popular meta is 1BB+6CA or 1BB+5CA+1DD. The main issue is that Hindenberg is too good and forgiving of a ship to play in CW that everyone is playing it. That’s more related to ship balancing issues.


Reporter: How would you have organized the first CW season, if you were accordingly commissioned by WG ?


Allowance of CV, but only T9 CV. Other than that it’s ok.


Reporter: Your feelings about submarines ?


Meh. I do not feel like adding a completely different type of Class to game is a good idea at present. LOOK AT THAT CV MESS.


Reporter: How do you see the game in 2021 – hypothetical version 1.0 ?


Oh, if only they can rework CV properly until that time…


Reporter: Could you name three aspects of the game you consider brilliant, three things you would like to see coming in the future and three things you would like to see gone ?


• Ship Models, Operations, Team Play Elements

• CV REWORK PLZ, AA Mechanic Rework, HE Mechanic Rework

• British Battleships, British Battleships, British Battleships


Reporter: Name what you consider being the most Push-to-Win silver ship in the game. And the premium* one ? * available to all players at the moment we speak




Reporter: What would you like to see on a site like Yellow Sub ?


Pure WoWS content, game mechanic discussion & analysis, some mods, a bit of warship history. A good example would be SEA (its a Chinese website with some English contents), in a latest, English version.


Reporter: Thank you very much OVERDRIVEZhi for the immersion in your clan’s universe ! Good luck to RNF !

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