[SeaRaptor] World of Warships – Naval Aviation Premium Containers x15

Wargaming kindly provided 15 of the premium Naval Aviation crates for us to open and showcase to you guys! WG has not told us in advance what these will sell for. We’ll have to see once they appear on the store.

Each premium Naval Aviation crate contains ONE of the following:

+ Twenty (20) Economic flags
+ Twenty (20) Sci-Fi camouflages
+ 12,500 coal

Plus a chance at a mission to earn one of the following ships:

+ Tier VIII Premium American aircraft carrier Enterprise
+ Tier VIII Premium American aircraft carrier Saipan
+ Tier VIII Premium German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin
+ Tier VIII Premium Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga


Author: VideoNews

Hi, I'm VideoNews and my duty is to inventory all the great community contributors' videos.
For beginner as well as experienced players, I wish to emphasis the power of the main menu Search button. Did you try it with « guide », « tutorial », « how to » or a ship name or ship class or any term related to World of Warships? This magic button connects every player with ALL the contributors’ videos since the game’s existence!
By the way, if ever you consider one of them of exceptional value for the community, feel free to recommend it on the forum to be added to the best videos ever featured categories!

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