Teamkilled by an ally from full HP

Teammate asked me “are you really Aerroon?” I said “yes”. Then he sailed next to me and torpedoed me from full health to none.

I’m not posting this because I’m mad about it or anything. I thought it was quite funny. It did annoy me that they lost the match for us though. Originally I didn’t want to post it but some people encouraged me to. I just hope I don’t cause problems with this.

I think the reason this happened is because his division mate started his DD too late. He was standing still so I cut in front of him with my battleship in the match and his division mate considered that as “blocking”. Frankly, if you’re in a DD and you can’t start moving from your spawn before a battleship that spawns behind you would pass you you probably shouldn’t complain about that battleship sailing in front of you. But I’m not even sure if that’s the real reason why he did it.

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