The European Union Can not Stop The Large Warfare That Now Threatens

As I write this text the world is waiting on a decision by the Everlasting Courtroom of Arbitration in The Hague on the legality of China’s take-over of huge swathes of the South China Sea. It’s no surprise that China has not agreed to participate in the worldwide tribunal which is anticipated to rule against it. Within the disputed territory it has now positioned many warships and other navy gear and is clearly getting set for a present-down.
This can be a enormous fear because it has the backing of Russia and the President, Xi Jinping, has lately travelled to other countries shoring up assist for his place. The countries most affected embrace Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Brunei, but the web site in question is a properly-used shipping route for trade from and too all these nations.
So what has the European Union completed about this? Nothing! In effect it has no voice on this area but Russia, which is part of the Union, is involved. Because it was heavily involved with the downing of the Malaysian plane, referred to as flight M17, less than a year in the past and though the enquiry into it pointed the finger at a Russian provided missile nothing happened.
Russia can be bombing civilians in the Assad led conflict in opposition to Syrian people who are now pouring into Europe together with refugees from different conflicts. This has so swamped the European nations who are actually making an attempt desperately to cope with the hoard of unlawful migrants that folks throughout the Union are on edge.
If Russia favors China within the South Seas dispute the query is will the remainder of the world be drawn into it. Already the United States has made its objections felt and this is additionally having repercussions for other nations, equivalent to Australia and New Zealand.
My assessment of the scenario is quite dire as it is my opinion that we’re at the finish of the day and the prophecies confirming a significant conflict to remove most of the world’s population support it. After my reincarnation and with data that everyone who has lived is again of their bodies at the moment the enormity of the population and the persevering with lack of species is suggestive of the identical.
These prophecies converse of the earth changing into like an oven and being destroyed by hearth. At the moment “the earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be moved lie a cottage;” (Isaiah 24:20). That seems like what we would expect from an atomic battle of such proportions that the whole lot on earth might be consumed.