The Shermanator Bismarck HYPE Road to World of Warships Bismarck SH 4 Gameplay

Sherman shows the Bismarck Battleship in almost ALL it’s glory, obviously this is NOT World of Warships, but I figured I would fuel the hypetrain a bit more:D

Battleships are the quintessential “heavy hitters” of World of Warships and offer a triple threat to their opponents. Massive firepower coupled with heavy armour make them the deadly juggernauts of the sea. Secondary gun batteries make them a serious threat to smaller vessels, and the many anti-aircraft guns lining their decks offer a tremendous amount of anti-aircraft defence.

Plan your route in advance. High inertia makes it difficult for a battleship to stop or change course.
Use scout airplanes to avoid ambushes but remember – the enemy may locate and try to destroy them before you can identify any danger.

The most penetrable areas of this ship are the elements of horizontal (deck) and vertical (belt and barbettes) armour, so be sure to hide these weaknesses from the opposition.

Try to be out of range of enemy guns during the entire battle.
While navigating the map on your appointed course, use that time to utilize the battleship’s air defence to protect your fleet.

Navigation and movement
Despite their clumsiness and large size, battleships are able to accelerate to significant speeds. However, they react slowly and need a lot of time to stop. A battleship captain has to be extremely careful as a quick destroyer can take advantage of this situation.


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