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Published on September 2018; last update: n/a; reporter: PseudoMi



  • We have been a top 10 EU clan since World of Warships started to have a competitive scene.

Recruitment topic


Reporter: Hello Tyrendian89 and Teob from TTT ! When did your clan start and what is the story behind ?

Tyrendian89 :

We’ve been hovering around the top of WoWS competitive pretty much from the start. TTT started out from a simple reddit post by our Glorious Leader CorrinRoth during the first (and last, unfortunately…) Team Battles season, looking for some like-minded decent players to have some fun in that new mode back then. We grew to around… err… I would guess about 12-15 people by the end of the season and finished second in the ranking, and kept growing and going from there.


Reporter: Your players average age, gender distribution (surprise us!), nationalities ?

Tyrendian89 :

We’re from pretty much all over Europe save for one guy each from US respectively South Africa, and also have a pretty wide spread of ages and professional backgrounds represented (no ladies so far though, unfortunately).


Reporter: What about your contribution, as a clan or member of, to the WoWs-community?

Teob :

We like to think that during our long tenure we’ve had a positive impact either indirectly through leadership and our members’ attitudes or directly through hands on involvement with the community.

For example some of our members have provided training and coaching to players on an individual level and we have had members acting as competitive consultants for entire clans when requested.

Some of our members are organisers for the competitive scene.

Additionally we have always been quite active on the forum and have freely shared what we consider to be the best specs and other tips and tricks on individual ships.

Last but not least, we are part of the official Clan Super Test.

In a nutshell we try to give as much time as possible to try to improve the community because that’s something that, by definition, affects us all.


Reporter: Please tell us more about the competitions organizing efforts. An impressive number of players took advantage of this adventure, by participating in tournaments or following them! It’s time to learn more about how this happened.

Well two of the original four organisers of Kings of the Sea are TTT and so we’re essentially founding members of that particular competition. I can’t name names but they know who they are and they know how grateful the rest of us are for their efforts. If they decide they want the glory, we’ll name them at a later date.


Reporter: What’s your key to success ? How exactly did you manage to accomplish this level, compared to other clans ?

Tyrendian89 :

I think the key to our success, pretty much from the start, has been chemistry. (What? No, we dont run our own drug lab!!!) We decided very early on that we wanted to stay a relatively small, tight-knit clan and have always paid at least as much attention to the personality of our potential recruits as to their stats. As a result, we’ve all got pretty similar attitudes, and we value our members and community over success in any given event when it comes down to it. That has led to us having very little internal (or external, for that matter) drama – we’re essentially a big happy family (most of the time), that all just happen to be somewhat decent at driving pixel ships and enjoy doing it together.

Although, since this is an official interview I guess I will have to confess: We are only as good as we are thanks to gratuitous use of Hacks Hags whenever an opportunity presents itself. I mean, there’s about 15 pages of evidence of it on the official WoWS forums as I am writing this…


Reporter: How do you prepare for competitions (Clan Battles, KotS)? Are you doing something special?

Tyrendian89 :

Nothing too special I guess… regular trainings and tactics discussions, I expect that’s what most clans do.


Reporter: Tell us about your most difficult, epic victory ever. And your worst defeat, at the worst moment, when victory seemed acquired ?

Tyrendian89 :

We’ve had so many great (and heartbreaking) moments in our time that it’s hard to pick out any single greates victories or defeats… but there was this one hilariously close semifinals match  during the first King of the Seas… that was a memorable one!


Reporter: How does a week in your clan life looks like ?

Tyrendian89 :

Really depends on the circumstances… Is there a Clan Battles season running? Are we gearing up for King of the Seas? Ranked? Some other big event? That sort of shapes what we as a clan do ingame. Outside the game itself, we’ve got our Slack where all the communication is going on, from event planning to copious amounts of nonsense and poking fun at eachother and the world.


Reporter: Is evolving at such level compatible with a classic life outside of the game ?

Tyrendian89 :

We have a policy of “Real Life always comes first!” – we do not want anyone to put aside, say, studying for an exam to play in a tournament, let alone expect a member to do it.


Reporter: Like in any online game community, clans come, clans go. We can often see established clans breaking apart from one day to another. What would you recommend for stability in time ?

Tyrendian89 :

Have common goals, and talk about them to make sure you remain on the same page. One of the biggest dangers for a clan is when member develop conflicting expectations. Try to find a middle ground that as many as possible are happy with, and clearly communicate about how you arrived there with everyone – better to have one or two guys realize that this clan may not be developing the way they want and leave “peacefully” than to have internal factions and conflicts form and fester for a long time!


Reporter: What qualities should a candidate have, beside stratospheric stats, to retain your attention ?

Teob :

While it is true that we do require any potential candidates to play at a certain level in order to feel at home in TTT, our main focus however is evaluating their ability to function as part of a unit. Simply put, good old fashioned team work is held in higher regard than just stats alone.

And it goes without saying that we want our members to be well… nice for lack of a better term.


Reporter: What action would you undertake as clan officers, if you ever receive a complaint about one of your players insulting other players during a random game, screenshots provided ?

Teob :

So firstly, I think it’s good to mention that we are more of a hippy commune than a military organisation. We don’t have actual officers as such. We do have people who organise things and make sure everyone has the appropriate rights on things like TS and the like but everyone in TTT can (and is expected to) step up and get involved.

Secondly we try to be easy on people and tough on ideas/principles. So in the scenario of one of our members insulting someone we would simply talk to the person in question and remind them that their actions reflect on the whole group and that we strive to be better than that. That said, we will always have our member’ backs and we do understand that tempers can flare up.

We do however have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind though. Any racial/sexist/homophobic/etc. comments would get anyone excluded unceremoniously. Bigotry is not a good look on anyone.


Reporter: Would you dare to describe yourself during your first 200 battles on the game ?

Tyrendian89 :

Bumbling fool that was disappointed these low tier ships don’t look as cool as a Cleveland? Man, I really wanted to drive a modern-looking ship lol


Reporter: Your feelings about the last Clan Battles season and the last Ranked season, their format and gameplay?

Tyrendian89 :

We’re generally pretty happy with how Clan Battles are evolving. The 7v7 no CV format still works, and is a nice contrast to KotS, although the need to switch specs between the two (and arguably Randoms where CVs are a constant threat) is a bit annoying. The addition of Alpha and Bravo rating was a good idea I think, even if the implementation could still use some work (did make it a lot harder to reach Typhoon/Hurricane and thus cut down the number of players that got the rewards rather harshly – while the top clans were less affected by this, it was still noticable). We’ll see what the CV rework brings, and how the rumored Cross-Server Clanbattles work out.
I personally despise Ranked, always have and always will, so I’m really not the right guy to ask about the current season… maybe Teob can elaborate.


Reporter: How would you have organized Clan Battles and Ranked, if you were accordingly commissioned by WG?

Teob :

Clan battles are in a good spot at the moment. Yes there still are some teething issues but overall we enjoy them (despite some burnout).

On Ranked, while I don’t share Tyrendian‘s distaste for them, in fact I quite enjoy ranked, I totally agree that the star system needs to be tweaked a bit. Maybe more safe points and removing the “save a star” situation.

We try to not to assume to know better than WG the best way to do it though. I am sure we all have opinions but at the end of the day they did create this game that we all enjoy so surely they know what they are doing.


Reporter: Your feelings about submarines ?

Tyrendian89 :

Submarines are a welcome additon to the game, as long as they’re yellow…


Reporter: How do you see the game in 2021 – hypothetical version 1.0 ?

Tyrendian89 :

I’m hoping the game will continue to evolve and expand – plenty of tech trees for the major nations, and there’s a lot of really cool individual ships that are just waiting to be added (Le Fantasque and Alaska are on their way, but how about Dido? Or KITTYKAMI?!), as well as other kinds of content (like Operations – bring on the Hard Mode already!).

So I’m looking forward to whatever the future may bring. I do hope Wargaming will get the Carrier rework right (I liked what we saw so far, but there are of course any number of ways that things can go pear shaped), and a few less gimmicks especially on new premiums would also be welcome. In my personal opinion, Battleships have no right to ever have radar, and Belfast is an abomination that should never have existed in its current form.


Reporter: Could you name three aspects of the game you consider brilliant, three things you would like to see coming in the future and three things you would like to see gone ?

Tyrendian89 :

  • Great: Ship models, general pacing of the game suits me really well, usually good compromise between reality and gameplay


  • Want: The game really needs better tutorials and explanations for new players. More varied game modes couldn’t hurt, and otherwise bring on moar ships please!


  • Remove:The current port interface REALLY needs an overhaul. It’s insanely slow, it’s buggy as all hell, it’s very poorly thought out (e.g. division window covering half the elements you need to actually get a ship ready for a division), the chat and social functions are an unreliable mess…Carriers are getting their much needed rework, so that’s nice to see – the current implementation needs to go, and hopefully this year.And, pet peeve of mine, I think the current Ranked system is utterly stupid – the way you can sharply lose all of your progress due to (perceived) no fault of your own on a bad streak creates so much unnecessary frustration… But, I said above already that I hate Ranked, so that may just be me.


Reporter: Name what you consider being the most Push-to-Win silver ship in the game. And the premium* one ? *available to all players at the moment we speak

Tyrendian89 :

Best silver ship – Orion without a shade of a doubt. That thing makes the Nikolai look weak. I personally think the balance among silver ships at higher tiers isnt all that bad – sure, some are a bit on the weak side but few are massively too strong.

Best Premium – WG have removed the worst offenders (Kamikaze, Belfast, Nikolai, Missouri) from sale, and I dont think Stalingrad qualifies as “available to everyone”. So I’d have to go with T-61 I think – that thing is just so good at pretty much every single job you could name… second or third, if not straight up the best at its tier in every category doesnt end up being a very balanced package when everyone has at least one or two massive drawbacks. Honourable mention to Kidd and Lo Yang jointly making the poor Benson feel very very irrelevant, but at least those two have clear drawbacks to balance out their significant strengths.


Reporter: What would you like to see on a site like Yellow Sub ?

Tyrendian89 :

A good mix of content – news, guides on various topics, ressources (including links to where these ressources can be found if they’re not on your own page).


Reporter: Thank you for ideas. Do you have anything else you want to add ?

Tyrendian89 :

No seriously, we TTTotttally are Hackers Hags! Go read that thread I linked above, I promise it’s worth your time!


Reporter: Thank you very much Tyrendian89 and Teob for the immersion in your clan’s universe ! Good luck to TTT !

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