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Published on February 2018; last update: n/a; reporter: PseudoMi



  • League of the Sea II => 1st place
  • King of the Sea IV => 2nd place
  • King of ths Sea III => 4th place
  • WG 4v4 tournament => 4th place
  • King of the Sea II => Top 8
  • League of the Sea I => 1st league

One of the most challenging battles: 3rd place match KotS III game 4 


Reporter: Hello UFR commanders GizonLounar, Verdandi and Thisheep ! (G-V-T) When did your clan start and what is the story behind ?

G-V-T :

UFR was created by a bunch of friends on Planetside 2, the 27th June 2013. During the first years, the clan helped french community to grow in the game. Later, UFR was involved in server smashes and community matches. Some members started to play World of Warships on their own during the beta, but in March 2016 a WoWs branch was formed to play team battles.

The first team led by Thisheep managed to reach Alpha league and became known from this moment. From then, UFR started to attract players who were looking for a competitive clan with a sense of friendship and respect. In September 2016, the team was ready to face its first challenge: the OMC cup.

Even if knocked out during the first phase, UFR gained a lot of experience, which was put to good use in the following tournaments. While participating, UFR managed to improve its results, until LotS II when we finally got a title.

Meanwhile the clan keeps growing, recruiting new members in both WoWs and GTA branches, keeping its community identity from the very beginning. This allows to have two teams registered for the next KotS and opens the competitive thrill to most of its members.


Reporter: Your players average age, gender distribution (surprise us!), nationalities ?

G-V-T :

As UFR stands for Unité FRancophone, most members are french. And every single one of them is speaking french and holding a baguette at all times, of course! They are mostly 25-year-old guys from many different game communities.


Reporter: What about your contribution, as a clan or member of, to the WoWs-community ?

G-V-T :

There are two community contributors among us. Allan Keiffer, well known for his french replay comments and Malimoo who writes various guides on the forum. We also have a super tester, even if its work is mostly done before new updates reach the community and UFR is taking part into clan super test as one of the main EU clan.

We try to promote competition in the french speaking community, and so we are happy to see the registered teams for the next tournament. We have a twitch channel to stream matches or training sessions, and our youtube channel will be back to life soon™.


Reporter: What’s your key to success ? How exactly did you manage to accomplish this level, compared to other clans ?

G-V-T :

We want UFR to stay a bunch of friends. Of course it is a huge bunch now but our members have been staying in the clan for a long time, probably because of the good mood and the confidence we have in each other. To guarantee this, we have a long recruitment process: it lasts for months and the newcomer needs the clan’s approbation. All major subjects are discussed by members during assemblies, I think we have a quite democratic scheme and that is why we trust each other.


Reporter: How do you prepare for competitions (KotS, CW) ? Are you doing something special ?

G-V-T :

There is nothing really special. Of course we train a bit more and plan strategies for the tournament but there was no (high altitude training) last week end, sorry.


Reporter: Tell us about your most difficult, epic victory ever.

G-V-T :

Winning the LotS was a huge success for everyone in the team. But it was a league format so it was a long term victory with small steps one after another. During the KotS III the third place match against TTT was quite epic, however. There was a bit of spoiler with the video of course but the fourth game was some kind of an all in.

We picked a very aggressive strategy on this one as we were losing 1-2. We had to do something, TTT are a very strong team that loves long games so we wanted to win before the mid game began. It was a gamble as it was impossible to assert the direction taken by their main force. Luckily they went South where we decided to pick the fight. It was a huge clash between our main forces but the two battleships push and the torpedoes got rid of this flank. We were relieved by this victory, the fifth map would allow us to try to secure the spot.


Reporter: And your worst defeat, at the worst moment, when victory seemed acquired ?

G-V-T :

During smash against server we were badly crushed during the last game. The score was 4-4 so Neighbours was the deciding map. We weren’t prepared for the Russian meta based on light cruisers. Our battleship was burned down so quickly that no one around realized he was barely alive ! After that the whole flank collapsed in the blink of eye. Not being able to bring victory to our server was a bitter end for this smash.


Reporter: How does a week in your clan life looks like ?

G-V-T :

During the week there are mostly people playing together on various games. Regarding Warships it is mainly the common business with divisions here and there in channels. There are two or three trainings by team, and we try to make some kind of event: it could be PvE stuff with missions or something unrelated to WoWs like going back to PS2 to have some fun on Auraxis.


Reporter: Is evolving at such level compatible with a classic life outside of the game ?

G-V-T :

Yes of course ! Members have free time you know. Officers and such a little bit less, as they have to fulfill their functions. For example, they need to answer questions from you ! Seriously there is more WoWs related stuff to handle but you can still do what you want, you just need to choose carefully how you spend your time.


Reporter: Like in any online game community, clans come, clans go. We can often see established clans breaking apart from one day to another. What would you recommend for stability in time ?

G-V-T :

Clan stability comes from its members. So rather than some stats level, picking players who just want to play together is the best way to achieve this; but this means you have to take your time to be sure of that. Competition shouldn’t be the goal set for the whole clan, but only for the people willing to dedicate more time to the game. And of course in the UFR case we had only improving results until now, so it was quite easy to keep a good mood for everyone.


Reporter: What qualities should a candidate have, beside stratospheric stats, to retain your attention ?

G-V-T :

As you can already guess from the previous one, stats are not a point at all. We want players that want to join us to be a part of our community, so they have to show their motivation with a nice presentation on our forum. To play competitive games you just need to want it and to be involved in trainings. After that the team captain will pick you for tournaments if he thinks you are able to increase his team efficiency.


Reporter: What action would you undertake as clan officers, if you ever receive a complaint about one of your players insulting other players during a random game, screenshots provided ?

G-V-T :

There is a charter that every single candidate has to read before being able to join us. If any member breaks the rules there will be internal sanctions. It might goes to expulsion but we hope this will never happen.


Reporter: Would you dare to describe yourself during your first 200 battles on the game ?

G-V-T :

A random 200 game player ! It was the very beginning of the game, so just learning the stuff out of experience and forum, as every single captain did.


Reporter: Your feelings about the first CW season, its format and gameplay ?

G-V-T :

The main issue for UFR was the “one clan, one team” rule. With various player levels and different objectives it is quite hard to have everyone playing with the same tag, so we had to use two of them. The lack of CV was quite painful. With no vision you can’t plan ahead and be aggressive. There is no other way to push than blindly run into the enemy fleet, and that is … bold. Of course we understand WG saying that it’s hard to have them involved in CB as well, but we hope to see the planes back soon.


Reporter: How would you have organized the first CW season, if you were accordingly commissioned by WG ?

G-V-T :

The answer is above ! But the CV is the huge point. We hope that rework will be done in time to add them for the next season. Having the option to set teams inside a clan as we did in 2016 during team battles could be nice too.


Reporter: Your feelings about submarines ?

G-V-T :

It is too late now for a class with such specific mechanics in game. For example every map should be reworked to add depth, as we are only playing a 2D game for now. And honestly there are so many things to do before that. The long awaited training room will finally show itself this week !


Reporter: How do you see the game in 2021 – hypothetical version 1.0 ?

G-V-T :

Year of the CV ! Joking aside, having WoWs being developed to the point of an e-sport like in WoT could be very nice. The best way to advertise a game is still to have high-level players doing unbelievable stuff that people want to do after seeing them.


Reporter: Could you name three aspects of the game you consider brilliant, three things you would like to see coming in the future and three things you would like to see gone ?

G-V-T :

WoWs is quite dynamic, for a naval game of course. Wargaming is taking the right path, listening to the players is the best way to have an idea of what your game really looks like. The various ways to play as a team (PvE, tournaments) are the best part of it, we want to have fun together, not just launching the game next to another random guy.

But the opposite is true. Random and ranked battles are not teamplay proof, even if random lets slip a little bit of it with divisions. There might be a bit too much of randomness in some parts of the game, like AA or torpedo spreads for example. And even thirty months after the release, the CV still has to find its spot in the game.


Reporter: Name what you consider being the most Push-to-Win silver ship in the game. And the premium* one ? *available to all players at the moment we speak

GizonLounar: USS Des Moines and Sims

Verdandi: Fletcher and Shinonome because I don’t have any other one :’D

Thisheep: Midway and Saipan


Reporter: What would you like to see on a site like Yellow Sub ?

G-V-T :

It could be interesting to have data and analysis about game elements such as ships and maps to help players improve themselves, not just the news. About the news, there is a lack of it regarding competition. Major clans can access it quite easily but people just willing to see a match have a hard time finding it.


Reporter: Thank you. Do you have anything else you want to add ?


Yolo will rule the world (one day).


Reporter: Thank you for your participation, GizonLounar, Verdandi, Thisheep & all UFR, and good luck in all your goals.


Thanks for your dedication to the community and good luck with this project.

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