UrPeaceKeeper How To Play The KMS Friedrich der Groe In World Of Warships

Ahh yes, the Friedrich der Große (Grosse, the ß is the same as two s) is the T9 German BB that is in search of a meaning in life. This ship has some interesting quirks considering the design origins. The ship was designed to be an upscaled and upgunned Bismarck but in game she lacks the agility of the Bismarck or Tirpitz and as a result feels VERY sluggish at the helm. This makes her somewhat more unwieldy in an all out brawl. Her gunnery doesn’t improve much over Bismarck either, at least not in terms of accuracy. Her shells still favor wide dispersion over any semblance of accuracy at anything but point blank range. Her gun choices feel very lopsided. The 420’s definitely penetrate harder and more often which is an advantage and the slower ROF is barely noticeable.

Overall, I didn’t care for this ship. It took too long to get used to and once I figured it out, it wasn’t enjoyable for me to play. It plays a lot like a T9 Bayern…



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