UrPeaceKeeper One Thosuand Subs and Patch 0515 The IJN DD Split

Yes! You have finally done it. You’ve commented, you’ve complained, you’ve corrected me until we’ve finally made a channel worth having one thousand subscribers! While I’m not Pewdiepie (nor trying to be), I want to thank every single one of you for being a part of this channel and helping make it a success!


To Celebrate, put a question or questions you want me to answer about the game, this channel, other games, or I guess me (if you want?) and I’ll make a video answering your questions!


Of course Patch 0.5.15 has a lot of really interesting changes in it. Of course the one I’m MOST interested in is, as you guessed it, the IJN DD line split. I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these ships and FINALLY be able to do the how to play series on them!

We also have campaigns, which looks to add a much needed direction and purpose to the game. I think this will definitely make the gameplay seem more purposeful and IIRC they are giving out Shininome, a T6 Fubuki premium, for completing one of them! Another IJN DD! :3

We also have Dynamic Divisions, or the ability to create and disband divisions while in game and fully utilize the features of it too, including voice chat! Excellent addition to the game and makes gameplay a lot more fun!

Pensacola is getting a MASSIVE BUFF! Just kidding, just an increase in 6 DPS to the short range (2km) AA by adding turret top AA. Yay? Never mind the other fixes that ship needs to make it not so painful to play!

There are also some small graphics tweaks and map changes that should freshen things up a bit!



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