UrPeaceKeeper Patch 063 Update No More Stealth Firing In World Of Warships

SUBS IN WOWS!!!! And no more stealth firing! What does this mean, what are the arguments for and against, and does it really change anything? What tactics can I now use to still do well?

Well honestly, there are only two real arguments: 1.) X ship relied on stealth fire to do damage, of which I can only think of one that NEEDED it to do reliable damage and that is Akizuki at T8. 2.) My gun bloom is so large everyone spots me!

The later is the “real” argument of the two but the way to get around it is still quite simple… smoke, or longer range engagements with heavy abuse of W-A-S-D-Q-E keys! I’m serious, get to wagging that tail at longer ranges and you’ll take very little damage and can deal a lot of damage out in return! Just watch some of the how to Videos on this channel! I’m ALWAYS using those WASD hacks!



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