UrPeaceKeeper Premium Ship Review USS Arizona In World Of Warships

So there is a lot of… controversy?… over the release of this ship as a payware premium. Frankly, it’s worth every penny! Why? Because it’s like a hyper accurate New Mexico with slightly less AA. Same beefy armor, same punchy guns, same tight turning circle and relatively fast ruddershift. What’s not to like about it? It costs money! But beyond that, what a ship! This ship is one of the most fun ships in the game and survives up tiering reasonably well when no CV’s are present.

As one of three US Standards in this game, I’m glad they did an excellent job of fairly representing the strengths of the US Standards. To add to that a ship that has this much emotion and history behind it NEEDS to be presented in a positive life. Had this ship been junk, the justified salt and rejection by the NA server would have been MASSIVE.



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