[warp103] Iowa first Impression …. WOWS World of Warships____ Tricks to get the most out of your warship

98k Dmg 2100 win8 so far
First impression of the Iowa class BB.
First game in this ship compared to the North Carolina
Hey there Commander warp here Bring you another world of warships Video.
See me unload some ammo and citadel Ca and BB
Come enjoy the show.
I hope that I can show you some tips and tricks.
Which hopefully will help you game better and have more fun.

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salutations this is commander work
welcome you to the channel another video
warp103 here bringing you out today and this is going
to be excuse me this is going to be the
first impression of the tier 9 Iowa
class USA battleship um as you can see
here she looks basically like the North Carolina
but someone basically pulled on both
sides and stretched her out. drop gun placement hmm virtually the same
virtually the same gun caliber I
can’t personally Opps the shots out
that’s North Carolina he is Broardside and
ouch Busted your gun and hit the Citadel on you
and that is range 15 now this this is
really my first game in the ship here. I
wanted to just let you know my
impressions of ship and see what its
range is, see what its damage is, you know
compared to the north carolina since
it’s a tier up and see what the gun
company basically is the same gun. I see
no difference in it so what’s special
about it what makes it different then just
the North Carolina basically is what
this first person is going to be and
i have to say looking at her how her
gunfire it’s the North Carolina but a tier
up with more HP that’s it
there’s nothing more else I can really
say about I was expecting like um I
tank a ship that you know when you step
up do you feel that your gun should get
better course you feel that Citadel
protection should be better then facing
upper tirrs you should feel like
you’re king of the world and I don’t now
you can see me I’m playing cautiously for a
minute here so that because I’m
playing toward the back I’m still within
well within firing range and spotting me
so I’m not playing it max range it’s not
like anything about oh well he’s playing
in max rings it’s going to eat us no no
that’s not what I’m doing I want to get
to feel if I get stuck into it on how
she turns you know is she you know gonna
get our call her she because ships are shes to me or
she’s if respect them they’ll treat you
right it you dealt well they’ll punish
your ass don’t forget to hit the like
button and to subscribe my videos to stay
up to date with the latest happenings
but again i’m slowly closing in a
distance going wide and forth again i
want to see how she handles that’s why
I’m wiggling for okay so if I get stuck
into it and then I need to turn hard
we’ll see respond and she doesn’t
at least to
again I’m going from the north Carolina
standard. you know that’s what my
baseline is going to be since fired same
line next year up so if you’re
impressing difference for mine great
please tell me about in the comments
please like and subscribe button cuz I’d
like to know what you actually feel
about this ship maybe I’m just doing it
wrong now again right now I’m kitting
away she has the same gun angle as North
Carolina basically same I basically have
to turn to ship the same way I would
turn the Carolina to get her guns the
bear but since she’s longer you get in
situations where this big nose is
sticking out it’s going to get blasted
off so okay now you see me swing this
ship around I want to see how fast I
guns turn again compared too but fully
half way upgraded North Carolina. I’m waiting for
the next trick waiting for the next
something to WoW me gates are open you
have graduated to Iowa no and I made a
jump from the Colorado to North Carolina
you can feel the difference the Colorado
is more tanky were the a North where the
North Carolina was more accurate
Colorado you got up close and personal
more for that store
the North Carolina you basically got mid
mid range you know or your optimum range
and you fire but you didn’t want to get
in and Brawl this here is like North Carolina
kind of dad that’s old at least that’s
what my kids would normally say you know
yeah just looks you know long me tooth and

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