warp103 World of Warships 064 First impression RN Edinburgh Video HD

Cruiser, CA, Warp103, Warp
Coming up in the is Ep. We give our first impression of the Edinburgh.
We only get 2 KIll but do 38k in damage.
Good Afternoon this is Commander Warp103 Bring you another World of Warship replay.
As stated we are in the Edinburgh. And the Question is, “is she as good as the Leander. My First impression is Yes.
She even Better why More Guns

Hit let me know in the comment section.
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Battles have the followings, specific maps, atmosphere, weather conditions.Players gain experience and credits based on their performance within battles, which can be used to research and purchase additional ships of varying tiers of progression as they advance through the tech trees of different nations. Place within the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic. To win each battle the player will need to employ different strategies, depending on the role of their vessel. . The types of ship available will be Battleships, Cruisers ,destroyers, and aircraft carriers. Some ships Are real historical ships or blueprint prototypes from a variety of forces such as the United States Navy, Imperial Japanese Navy, Kriegs marine, Royal Navy, Soviet Navy And the French ; There will be NO Submarines present in World of Warships.

Divisions are the equivalent of in platoons in World of Tanks or World of Warplanes and , allowing a group of 3 players to join and fight battles together. Clan wars in World of Warships will be played on all maps. Clan wars are where different clans play a match against other clans in order to get land or maintain control of a region. Like World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, different sectors of the ocean can be occupied by different clans and ports that enables for ships to get out on the front.

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