[WG ASIA news] Get ready for Clash of the Elements! [1/5 UPDATED]

[WG ASIA news] Get ready for Clash of the Elements! [1/5 UPDATED]


There is currently a delay with the delivery of the Kamikaze R special permanent camouflage after the Kamikaze R has been purchased from the Gift Shop.

[20/4 UPDATED]
Due to the inflow of new players to Team Water while Team Fire was closed for registration in the past couple of days, there have been lags in processing and displaying status updates for Team Water progress. While the server was down, the tool was still processing the lagged numbers for Team Water. After the server was started again after the downtime, the issue has been fixed. Thank you for your understanding.

Clash of the Elements is the new and second iteration of our server-wide sign-up event. Get ready to man your stations and battle for victory for one of the two sides of eternal conflict. Key features of the event include:

  • Two teams! The previous events were focused on working towards a common goal, and we think that while that’s very noble, competition can be a better motivator than cooperation. This time you have to pick your element, be it Fire or Water, and commit to fighting for your cause – and for victory.

  • Five categories to compete in! We removed the server-wide milestones in favour of the competitive spirit.

  • New achievements! The MVPs of five categories will receive gorgeous mythological achievements. 

  • The Gift Shop is back! With new items in store and the Kamikaze R coming back from exile wearing the Battle of the Elements camouflage, there will be many ways to spend your hard-earned bounty.

Which team will you choose?


Open: 13/04/2017 @ 21:00 UTC+8
Close: 04/05/2017 @ 21:00 UTC+8


The registration offers everyone the option to join either of the two teams.
There may also be a temporal registration restriction to even out the team if in case they become imbalanced.

Everyone who joins either team will be eligible to receive a special event flag, thanks to which anyone who meets you in battle will know you’re participating in the Clash of the Elements!

This flag will be credited after the event has been concluded.



The event will consist of three rounds. Each round lasts seven (7) days. There are no breaks in between rounds—as soon as one ends, the next starts. 

Once you’ve signed up for a specific team, you won’t be able to swap teams until the end of the entire event. This means you will play up to three rounds for your chosen side.


Team Fire and Water

There are two counterparts in the conflict – Team Fire and Team Water. Players can choose any team they’d like to join. Joining a team does not provide any advantages to the player, as both teams are on equal footing.


Victory mechanics

The team that wins 2/3 of the rounds wins the whole event. The event will, however, not end in the case of two wins in a row – all three rounds have to be played. Every round consists of five parameters:


Parameter Conditions How to maximize results
 Ships sunk  PvP and Ranked battles

 Tier 5 and higher ships

Play mid-tier games, where high “ships sunk” scores are more easily achieved.
 Battles won Play mid-tier games, where battle duration is usually shorter.
 Total damage dealt Play high-tier games, where ships’ HP (and total damage dealt) is much higher.
 Ribbons & achievements received Playing particular ships (high rate-of-fire DDs and CAs).
 Base EXP collected Play the highest tiers, where base XP is higher.


Each team is trying to gain as many points as they can in each parameter. At the end of the round the team that has more points in at least 3 of 5 parameters wins the round—the parameters counter is restarted every week (every round).


Team Rewards

Team rewards are given out when the player’s alligned team is…:

  • Round Winner: 5 team-branded camouflages
  • Event Winner: unique achievement + 15 team-branded camouflages



Team & personal progress

Every parameter contains both personal and team progress. Personal progress is certain personal “milestones” on the parameter scale, where players get coins for contributing a certain amount of “points” to their team. The milestone requirements grow exponentially and have a cap set at a high level. Coin rewards of the same size (5 coins for each stage) are given for increased results in each criteria:


Stages of reward

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Coins per stage

5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

Ships sunk

3 8 15 25 40 55 75 95 120 150 180 225

Battles won

2 5 8 12 18 25 35 45 60 80 100 125

Total dmg

100k 200k 400k 800k 1.5M 2.2M 3M 4M 5.2M 6.4M 8M 10M


200 400 800 1500 2500 4500 7000 10k 13k 17k 21k 25k

Base XP

1500 3000 7500 15k 25k 40k 60k 80k 105k 130k 160k 200k


Players can collect up to 300 coins in one round. For each round, the personal milestones are reset. Team progress is a sum of the progress of all players in the team.


Gift Shop – cash in your hard work!

Gift Shop

Open: 13/04/2017 @ 21:00 UTC+8
Close: 18/05/2017 @ 21:00 UTC+8

The coins you’ve been earning during the rounds are not just for show. There will be a Gift Shop where you can spend the coins earned during the event on certain goods including special Team Water and Team Fire camos, rare upgrades, and the special Kamikaze R Destroyer with unique permanent camouflage. This will be the only way, during this event, to obtain the Kamikaze R with this special camouflage.



Coins can be earned via the following:

  • Completing Challenge Stages – 5 coins per Stage
  • Becoming MVP/most valuable player – 100 coins
  • Joining a team – 10 coins

Some of you may recall we’ve announced that the Kamikaze R will not be available for sale for real money, and we plan to stick to this promise, while offering our most dedicated players a way to obtain it through in-game activities, such as this one.


Become the MVP!

We previously mentioned the MVP rewards. Each category of MVP will receive a unique achievement, which will be obtainable to the top players. The categories are as follows:


Image Name Category
Aegaeon Most Valued Player by Ships Sunk (top 100)
Poseidon Most Valued Player by Battles won (top 100)
Hephaestus Most Valued Player by Total damage dealt (top 100)
Hestia Most Valued Player by Ribbons received (top 100)
Hyperion Most Valued Player by Base XP collected (top 100)


Action Stations!


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