[WG ASIA news] [Tournament] Naval Force 9

[WG ASIA news] [Tournament] Naval Force 9


NOTICE: In response to player feedback, tournament timings have been revised as below to make it possible for more players to join. Team captains who would like to amend their existing registrations, please send us an e-mail so we can assist you with this. Thank you for participating!

Ready for a naval battle of epic proportions? Get your favourite vessel shipshape and prepared for action – we’re taking the fight to the high seas in the first-ever Naval Force 9 tournament! Engage in battle to win up to 3000 doubloons, Restless Fire camouflage, and Premium account time.

Think you’re tough enough for this challenge? Don’t hesitate – register now!

Tournament dates

5 & 8 Dec 2017, Tue & Fri, 20:00 UTC +8
12 & 15 Dec 2017, Tue & Fri, 20:00 UTC +8
22 Dec 2017, Fri, 20:00 UTC +8

Registration ends: 3 Dec 2017, Sun, 12:00 UTC +8


General Rules

  • Team Limit: 16 teams
  • Tier Points: 72
  • Roster Limitations:
    • Maximum 1 Aircraft Carrier
    • Maximum 3 Battleships
    • Maximum 1 Mikhail Kutuzov
    • Maximum 2 US Destroyers (including Lo Yang)
  • Maximum Ship Tier: VIII
  • Team Roster: 9 players + 2 reserves
  • Game Mode: Domination
    • Qualifiers – Single Elimination BO1
    • Playoffs – Round-robin BO3
    • Finals – Single Elimination BO5
  • Prizes (per player)
    • 1st place: 3000 doubloons + 20 Restless Fire camouflages + 30 days’ Premium
    • 2nd place: 2000 doubloons + 10 Restless Fire camouflages + 7 days’ Premium
    • 3rd place: 500 doubloons + 7 days’ Premium
    • 4th place: 300 doubloons + 7 days’ Premium

Please read the full rules & regulations!

Terms & Conditions

Please read this carefully before registration!

  • Prizes will be credited within 2 weeks (10 working days) of the end of the tournament.
  • Wargaming Asia may choose to terminate the contest/event or change/reassign the prize at any time without notice.
  • In addition, Wargaming Asia reserves the right to disqualify players who do not comply with official Wargaming rules and tournament regulations, or those who seek to abuse the mechanics of the tournament.


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