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Akatsuki is a Japanese Tier VII destroyer, and a representative of the last series of the Special Type destroyers.

She differed from Fubuki-class ships with her more efficient power plant and significantly enhanced speed.

Ship History

The Akatsuki class was direct development of the Fubuki class and belonged to the last group of the Special Type destroyers. Their specific feature was their very powerful armament. Akatsuki differed from her prototype in having a new, more efficient, and compact power plant, allowing the ship to achieve greater speeds. In accordance with the Navy’s expansion program of 1927, all four ships of the series were laid down in 1930 and launched between 1932-1933. After several years had passed, the ships were upgraded to increase their self-righting and seakeeping characteristics. They also had their AA defenses continuously improved throughout the entire period of their service. On the whole, the Akatsuki-class destroyers were quite good ships with very powerful torpedo armament and remarkable speed characteristics.

All Akatsuki-class destroyers actively participated in the Pacific theater of World War II. Between 1941-1942, they were part of the forces invading the Philippines, Malaya, and the Dutch East Indies. They then took part in the campaigns near the Aleutian and Solomon Islands, confronting Allied ships on multiple occasions. The lead ship of the series sank in the battle of Guadalcanal in November, 1942. Two more destroyers of the series were sent to bottom of the ocean by U.S. Navy submarines in 1944. The only Akatsuki-class destroyer to survive the war was disarmed and turned over to the U.S.S.R. after Japan capitulated. However, the ship never became part of the Soviet Navy, but was used for target practice instead.


  • Dual-purpose battery: six 127 mm/50 3rd Year Type guns in three Type B twin turret mounts
  • Torpedo launchers: three 610 mm Type 12 triple launchers
  • AA defenses: four 25 mm/60 Type 96 mod. 1

Akatsuki Command

Commander with 10 skill points

  • Priority Target
  • Last Stand
  • Torpedo Armament Expertise
  • Concealment Expert

Commander with 19 skill points

  • Priority Target
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Last Stand
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Torpedo Armament Expertise
  • Superintendant
  • Survivability Expert
  • Concealment Expert

Akatsuki Upgrades

  • Main Armaments Modification 1
  • Propulsion Modification 1
  • Main Battery Modification 2
  • Steering Gears Modification 2

Akatsuki in Battle

VII Akatsuki is a destroyer with powerful torpedoes and HE shells. Good concealment and maneuverability allow her to sneak up on enemy ships undetected and deal massive damage with torpedoes. However, Akatsuki is inferior to enemy ships when it comes to maneuvering in battles at close and middle ranges due to her low turret traverse speed. We recommend deactivating her AA defenses from time to time by pressing P to make it harder for enemy aviation to detect your ship.

Main characteristics of the ship

  • Six 127 mm guns with a firing range of 10.4 km and firing rate of eight shots per minute. Maximum damage of an HE shell—2,150; AP shell—2,200.
  • Powerful torpedo armament: three triple torpedo launchers. Torpedo range—10 km; torpedo speed—62 knots; maximum damage—17,233; and reload time—68.4 seconds.
  • Good concealment characteristics. Detectability range by sea is 6.6 km.
  • Decent speed of 38 knots.

Please note: the characteristics indicated take into account upgrading all modules and installing recommended upgrades and Commander skills.


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