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Welcome to our tour of the newly introduced Soviet battleship Lenin.

This ship is one of the design versions of a fast-moving battleship armed with 406 mm artillery, developed under the U.S.S.R.’s Big Fleet program in the second half of the 1930s. One peculiar feature of this design was the placement of main turrets at the fore end of the ship. Strong armor and a high caliber make an ideal combination when crushing enemy ships.

History of the Ship

In 1935, new international challenges forced the U.S.S.R. to adjust their ship building policy, which until that point had not paid enough attention to battleships as a ship type. These changes gave the design bureaus a green light to initiate the development of a number of draft designs for battleships. In 1936, the design performance specifications were prepared. Project 21, the design for a battleship intended to operate in the Baltic Sea, was developed by the Design Bureau of the Baltic Shipyard on the basis of the provided performance specifications. These were: water displacement of 35,000 tons; a main battery comprising nine 406 mm guns; and an armor belt 350 mm thick. The draft design was ready by June. The arrangement of the ship’s main turrets was similar to that of British battleship Nelson, with three turrets placed at the fore-end. The ship also carried 152 mm secondary battery guns and long-range 100 mm AA guns. The engineers applied the Italian-designed Pugliese torpedo defense system. However, the Nelson-like layout was rejected by Naval Command after heated debates due to “tactical reasons”. The experience gained during the development of Project 21 was used as the basis for the “Type A Battleship” project that later evolved into the Sovetsky Soyuz-class battleship.

Ship Remodeling

The model depicts how this ship could have looked in 1944, had she had been laid down in 1936 and built according to the pre-draft Project 21.

Main battery: 406 mm/45 model 1915 guns placed in three triple turrets mounted at the fore-end of the ship. The game features a gun design from the Obukhov Steel Plant.

The gun was developed by engineers of the Obukhov Steel Plant under supervision of the Naval General Staff and the Main Directorate of Ship Construction by the end of 1913. The order for production of the guns was placed with the Obukhov Steel Plant in February 1914.

The gun design by the Obukhov Steel Plant only ever existed on paper, it never materialized due to the plant being busy fulfilling other urgent military orders. The gun design provided for the following ballistic characteristics: shell weight of 1,116 kg; charge weight of 332 kg; muzzle velocity of 840 m/s.

Secondary battery: four 152 mm triple MK-3-152 mounts (complete with B-38 guns) placed in a single gun slide on the model of a MK-3-180 turret.

The B-38 guns were intended for artillery mounts installed on Project 23 battleships, Project 69 heavy cruisers, and Project 68 light cruisers. However, production of these ships was canceled during World War II, and the B-38 guns were installed on five Project 68K cruisers and fourteen Project 68bis cruisers after the war.

Anti-aircraft armament: long-range AA artillery comprises six twin-gun MZ-14 mounts equipped with 100 mm B-54 guns. The small caliber AA artillery is represented by eight 37 mm quadruple 46-K mounts and ten 37 mm twin B-11 mounts.

Handling Battleship Lenin

Commander with 10 skill points

  • Priority Target
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Superintendant
  • Fire Prevention

Commander with 19 skill points

  • Priority Target
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Superintendant
  • Fire Prevention
  • Concealment Expert
  • Basics of Survivability
  • Jack of All Trades

Battleship Lenin Consumables

The battleship is equipped with a simple set of consumables, namely Repair Party, Damage Control Party, and Fighter. The faster cooldown period of the Damage Control Party consumable will help you to effectively protect the ship from fires and flooding, but do keep in mind the limited number of times it can be used.

The ship has five slots for upgrades. We consider the following combinations to be most effective:

  • Damage Control Party Modification 1 or Main Armaments Modification 1
  • Damage Control System Modification 1
  • AA Guns Modification 1
  • Damage Control System Modification 2
  • Concealment System Modification 1

Battleship Lenin in Combat

  • Lenin’s best card is her accurate 406 mm guns, placed in three triple turrets at the hull’s fore-end. Firing range: 18.4 km; reload time: 33 seconds. The main guns have good ballistics and high-speed shells. Lenin’s guns are highly accurate at short and mid ranges. At long ranges the guns are slightly inferior to their peers from other nations in terms of their firing efficiency, due to higher shell dispersion.
  • A high turret traverse speed for a battleship: 180 degrees in just 30 seconds, excluding the effects of Commander skills and upgrades.
  • Good armor—a typical feature of U.S.S.R. battleships. Lenin’s 100 mm bow armor belt can withstand an attack better than the majority of same-tier battleships, while her deck has reliable protection against HE shells and rockets.
  • The Damage Control Party consumable with an accelerated recovery time between uses, but with a limited number of charges. Action time: 10 seconds; reload time: 60 seconds; number of charges: 3.

Lenin. Admiral Pack

  • VIII Lenin
  • Commander with 10 skill points
  • Port Slot
  • Combat mission: x3 XP for 25 battles
  • Permanent camouflage Victory Banner
  • 100×Equal Speed Charlie London
  • 100×India Bravo Terrathree
  • 100×Zulu
  • 100×Zulu Hotel
  • 100×Papa Papa
  • 3,000
  • 5,000,000
  • Unique flag


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