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The second part of the game cycle dedicated to aircraft carriers are underway. Update 0.8.1 ushers in the chance to moor British Tier IV, VI and VIII aircraft carriers in your Port. Tier X carrier Audacious will arrive in Update 0.8.2, you can read a little more about her at the bottom of the article.

The ships from the brand-new line have a number of advantages that can surprise your rivals or help you find your way out of almost any situation. In this article, we’re going to describe the new aircraft and their features in detail, and compare them to Japanese and US aircraft carriers.

Attack AircraftBombersTorpedo BombersTier X Carrier Audacious

Attack Aircraft

British attack aircraft carry a lot of rockets and have an attack reticule in the shape of an ellipse, which extends lengthwise to the squadron’s heading. This type of aircraft is perfectly suited to attacking enemy destroyers and lightly armored cruisers, either from the bow or the stern. However, British attack aircraft are slow, with their cruising air speed being virtually identical to that of torpedo bombers and bombers.

Aircraft carrier name* Attack aircraft per flight Attack aircraft per squadron Rockets per aircraft
IV Hermes 3 6 4
VI Furious 2 6 6
VIII Implacable 2 6 10
X Audacious 3 9 14

* In this table and below, the values for improved squadrons are specified.

A flight from IV Hermes carries 12 light rockets, placing the aircraft of her squadrons between the American and Japanese ones in terms of firepower. At Tier IV, attack aircraft take longer to be restored than aircraft of other nations, so try to save as many of them as possible if you find yourself under enemy AA fire.

The attack aircraft from VI Furious are inferior to same-tier airplanes of other nations in terms of firepower. Thus, at Tiers IV and VI, the best course of action is to use attack aircraft as a secondary tool.

VIII Implacable‘s attack aircraft are better suited to battle, with more powerful rockets and a payload that’s greater than that of lower-tier aircraft. Despite the smaller size of British flights and squadrons, they are on par with American attack aircraft in terms of their strike capability.

The attack aircraft of X Audacious can’t boast of outstanding speed or high-caliber rockets, but their significant HP pool and ability to fire up to 42 rockets in a single attack run, make them the most powerful attack aircraft at Tier X. The armor-penetrating capability of their rockets isn’t particularly high, so your priority targets should be cruisers and destroyers.

British attack aircraft are more effective in comparison to rivals of other nations thanks to the greater number of rockets in their payload, but their relatively low cruising speed should be kept in mind as a disadvantage.


British bombers carry a lot of medium-caliber HE bombs and attack their enemies using a level-bombing tactic. In a well-performed approach to a target, these aircraft can deal more damage than bombers of other nations.

Aircraft carrier name Bombers per flight Bombers per squadron Bombs per aircraft
IV Hermes 1 3 12 x 40 lb
VI Furious 1 4 6 x 250 lb
VIII Implacable 2 6 8 x 250 lb
X Audacious 3 9 6 x 500 lb

At Tier IV, the values for armor-penetrating capability and the probability of setting a target on fire are not that high for each individual bomb, and are comparable with those of the rockets of attack aircraft. However, this is compensated for by the number of bombs in the payload, making British bombers very dangerous against lightly armored targets.

VI Furious carries bombers armed with bombs of a larger caliber, the armor-penetrating capability of which is just enough to deal significant damage to battleships.

VIII Implacable‘s bombers, similarly to those of VI Furious, are armed with 250 lb bombs, but have the difference of carrying a greater number of them in their payload. The striking power of these aircraft is comparable with the firepower of VIII Lexington’s bombers, which carry out their raids in larger flights, armed with 1,000 lb. bombs. The survivability of these aircraft is such that their HP pool is almost as high as that of American Tier X aircraft.

A bomber flight from X Audacious carries 18 bombs, with each weighing 500 lb. Her squadron size is smaller than that of her counterparts of other nations, but this isn’t reflected in the combined firepower of her squadrons’ aircraft.

British bombers are most effective against slow-moving targets. If an enemy ship is standing still or moving on a predictable trajectory, then you’ll have a good chance of attacking it from an optimal direction and causing a great deal of damage. The best targets for bombers at lower tiers are destroyers and cruisers, and at higher tiers—battleships. If you perform your attack run in the correct manner, you’ll be able to drop bombs along the entire surface of your target and set multiple fires as a result.

Torpedo Bombers

British torpedo bombers have good maneuverability and a relatively low cruising speed, which allows them make an almost immediate U-turn by using Boost to slow down. Besides that feature, they have a converging, cone-like torpedo spread. This allows them to achieve a greater number of torpedo hits if an attack run is carried out accurately. These aircraft carry a single torpedo as their payload, with a speed of 35 knots and a short arming time, but a firing range of just 2.4 km. Their torpedo specifics and considerable pool of HP allow British torpedo bombers to break through a target’s AA defenses and drop their payload right against the target’s broadside.

Aircraft carrier name Torpedo bombers per flight Torpedo bombers per squadron
IV Hermes 1 3
VI Furious 2 6
VIII Implacable 2 8
X Audacious 3 9

The amount of damage that torpedo bombers can cause to an enemy increases in correlation with the carrier’s tier, due to the increasing size of the flights and squadrons that come with higher tiers. The damage values of individual torpedoes for British torpedo bombers are quite average for each respective tier, but their arming distance as a rule is shorter than that of other nations.

When utilizing them, it’s advised to perform the first attack run from a head-on direction with the torpedo cone aimed to the greatest possible extent. When attacking your target from the aft, it’s advisable to drop your torpedoes while the torpedo cone is still not fully aimed. This will force the target to move straight in order to mitigate any potential damage. As a result, the second and the third hits will be more fruitful due to the target’s maneuvers becoming more predictable. Your torpedo bombers’ maneuverability will allow you to turn rapidly and drop your torpedoes in close proximity to the target’s broadside.

Tier X Carrier Audacious

X Audacious resides at the top of the Royal Navy carrier line and features the most durable aircraft in the game. Their large payloads of bombs and rockets will certainly come as an unpleasant surprise for your opponents, while her torpedo bombers are capable of breaking through the AA defenses of most unprepared ships and delivering their torpedoes directly on target.

Some of the ship’s disadvantages include her quite sparse number of squadrons and the moderate strike capability of her torpedo bombers. These don’t carry as many torpedoes as American planes, and their firepower is not as impressive as that of Japanese aircraft. However, the converging torpedo cone allows for greater accuracy when dropping your deadly payload.

Explore the new British aircraft carriers and feel their genuine might! Bring victory to your team, riding on the wings of British naval aviation!


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