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The battle interface in World of Warships is detailed, extensive, and customizable to a T. Here are some useful ways you can adapt the game to the way you like to play, by showing, hiding, or amplifying the tidbits of on-screen information which can significantly influence your behavior in the heat of battle.

1. Alternative Interface Mode

Do you have difficulty identifying enemy ships from a distance? Or perhaps you find it hard to discern friend from foe? If yes, this option will be right up your alley. Activating the Alternative interface mode will give you more information on other ships in battle (both allied and enemy) when they enter your line of sight, as well as show you an array of additional numbers around your firing reticle:

  • Distance between you and the currently targeted point.
  • Time for your shells to fly to the targeted point.
  • Your detection range.
  • The degrees that your turrets need to traverse to be aiming at the targeted point.


By default, the only information you get on other ships is their class, distance, and health, represented by a thin bar.


With the Alternative Interface Mode, you will also see the ship’s name, player’s name, and the number of hitpoints.

You have two choices for using this mode: ‘full‘ or ‘adaptive‘. Adaptive will only show the extended information in three cases: when capturing a target, when in close proximity to a ship, and for a group of ships that fall into the viewing range of your binoculars, depending on the zoom. Full will show the info on all ships in your line of sight, regardless of their distance.

2. Team Lineups

When the battle’s raging and ships start populating the seafloor, it’s useful to be aware of what ships are still in the fight to work out the odds of victory, as well as target prioritization. For this, by default, there is a list of ships at the very top of your screen, represented by their class symbols.

However, you can enhance this knowledge by ticking the ‘Display team lineups‘ box in the controls menu. Doing this will reveal two columns on either side of your screen in battle, each one representing one of the teams. Instead of just ship class, you can see each ship’s silhouette, the name of the player controlling the ship, and the number of enemies it has destroyed.

The dev is in the details.

3. Load Indicators

Sometimes you’ll get into an intense gunfight with an enemy ship, and between frantically shooting, launching torpedoes, and evasive maneuvering, you can lose track of how many guns or tubes are ready to fire at a given time. By default, your aiming reticle will show the loading progress of your guns; and torpedo and gun reload times are displayed on their respective icons at the bottom of the screen.

Unfortunately though, you won’t always get 100% of the information from all of your weapon mounts by these means. For example, if only one of your turrets fires a shell, you cannot see the loading progress of that one turret until all the others have discharged. The same goes for torpedo tubes.

To remedy this, the prescription is simple: tick the box beside ‘Show both main battery & TTs load indicators‘ in the Controls menu. Now you have a bar just above your consumables interface showing the loading progress of every single one of your weapon mounts.

That’s a load of help.

4. Additional Damage Counters

It’s always exciting to watch your damage counter tick up when your aim is on point during a particularly good game. But your raw damage counter isn’t the only way to determine if you’re having a particularly good game.

Enable the options ‘Counter for potential damage‘ and ‘Counter for damage upon your spotting‘ to get a live reading of:

  1. How much damage you’ve narrowly avoided taking from projectiles that were sent your way but landed somewhere in your near vicinity (700m radius around your ship) thanks to your skillful maneuvering.
  2. How much damage is being dealt by friendlies to enemy ships that you are keeping spotted.

5. Crosshair

Every time you zoom your view with your binoculars, you’re not just seeing your target enlarged, but you’re also gaining the assistance of the crosshair: the series of vertical and horizontal lines you use to measure the bearing and distance of targets. You may not think about it much, but the crosshair is perhaps the most important on-screen indicator that you interact with in battle; the silent hero behind all well-calculated long-distance Devastating Strikes.

Most captains are comfortable using the default sight: it’s rudimentary yet effective. Nevertheless, our friend the Controls Menu is happy as always to deliver some variety for you to choose from. Want it more complex? You got it. Want it brighter and more colorful? Piece of cake. Maybe a bit of both? Absolutely.

Cross-hair-splitting precision.

There are 15 different crosshairs to choose from, including a dynamic one that adjusts depending on your level of zoom. Take some time to browse the Crosshair Selection screen and find the crosshair that speaks to you most. Be sure to click on the 6 provided background templates to contrast the crosshairs against different color palettes that you will encounter in battle.

6. Voiceover Modification

If you’re tired of listening to the same old commander voice shouting into his radio every time something important happens, you can also change that!

Navigating over to the ‘Voiceover Language‘ and ‘Voiceover Modification‘ drop-down menus in the Audio section will allow you to…

  • Change the voice’s language to practice useful foreign vocabulary before a trip abroad.
  • Give it a pirate’s voice to complement your swashbuckling personality.
  • Pass the microphone over to Dasha for a soothing Russian narration.
  • Listen to anime voices.
  • Make it so that the voice from each ship will be in the language of the flag that it sails under. [EDITOR’S CHOICE]

7. Music modes

Just as you can change the sound of the voices you hear, you can also modify the music to suit your ear. In this case there are two main options: the classic World of Warships soundtrack we know and love, or the adrenaline-pumping War Drums music, guaranteed to boost the men’s morale before a close quarters standoff with a battleship.

If you don’t have the heart to choose just one, the Audio menu graciously offers ‘Mixed’ and ‘Dynamic’ modes, which combine both soundtracks for maximum satisfaction.

8. Minimap Tweaks

The minimap, along with the crosshair, is one of the most important bits of the interface that you have at your disposal in battle, and just like the crosshair, it’s important that you modify your minimap to suit your playstyle to the maximum.

The first and most obvious tweak is to its size. You can make the minimap smaller (if you find it too intrusive) or bigger (to the point of the ‘mini-‘ being questionable) simply by tapping your ‘+ and ‘‘ keys while you are in battle.

Further editing to your minimap can be done from the minimap menu. To access it you hold down the ‘ctrl’ button while in battle to bring up your cursor then slide it over to the top-right corner of your minimap, where you’ll find an icon showing two cogs: click there. 

The menu that appears will give you several options. From top to bottom:

  • Tickable boxes to activate/deactivate a series of ‘range rings’ that will show up around your ship, including detectability range by air/sea, AA firing range, or Hydroacoustic Search/Surveillance Radar action ranges, if applicable. Choose your rings wisely, as having them all active at once can lead to some confusion.
  • Transparency sliders governing the previously mentioned rings and the water as shown on the minimap.
  • ‘Last know position’ markers for enemy ships will show you where a ship was right before it went undetected, giving you a general idea of who’s where when advancing into uncharted waters.
    • If you stray into a seemingly empty part of the map, but you see a ‘last known position’ marker of an enemy destroyer, stay on your toes and steer unpredictably. They could be watching from the shadows.
  • ‘Range numerical values’ displays a number (in Km) representing the range from your ship to the edge of all activated ‘range rings’.
  • ‘Ship names’ will place the names of both enemy and friendly ships directly below their icons on the minimap.

9. Get ModStation

get modstation

There are many useful mods, but it’s not always easy or safe to install them individually. This is why we’ve created the World of Warships ModStation, designed specifically for the purpose of selecting and installing any and all desired modifications with ease. Not only that, but using ModStation is also the safest way to install mods.

There are countless interface mods at your disposal which can be installed with the simple click of a button. For example, the ‘Badobest Adjustable Panels’ mod will allow you to customize every aspect of the team lineups shown in battle, so you can have full awareness of all other players’ situations.

Mod Stations!

10. You Decide!

Did we cover all of the settings that you find useful? If you have any more little tweaks or mods that you’ve personally found to be beneficial, lend a helping hand to your fellow captains and share your insight in the forum topic linked below!

This guide will have a permanent home in the Training section of our portal. For more handy tips, tricks and guides for ships, click right on through and give the page a thorough browsing. You never know what you might learn!

Action Stations!


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