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The fifth season of Clan Battles, codenamed “Land of Fire”, is about to start. We’re currently actively working on the functionality that allows Clans to select their convenient prime time for playing Clan Battles against Clans from other regions.

From a technical perspective, this is a complex new feature. This is why, in Update 0.8.1, we’re launching another test season—”Land of Fire (test)”.

What’s the Cross-Server Matchmaker?How Do I Engage in Cross-Server Clan Battles?Features of the Test SeasonOther Changes and ImprovementsRewards for Testing

What’s the Cross-Server Matchmaker?

The cross-server matchmaker allows Clan Commanders to select their preferred prime time for any of the four servers: Europe, America, Asia, or the CIS. If the prime time schedule of your region happens to be inconvenient for your Clan, you can find opponents on another server at a more fitting time. Moreover, you’ll get all of the pertaining rewards, while your accounts remain on the “native” server. The battle results will be accounted in the unified global rating, where you’ll be able to compare your results with those of Clans from all over the world.

This new feature enables users from servers covering a wide range of time zones to select the time interval for partaking in Clan Battles that suits them best.

The matchmaker picks opponents based on the Clan’s skill, which is reflected in the Clan’s Rating. The more Clan Battles you play, the higher the probability that you’ll be matched against worthy opponents.

How Do I Engage in Cross-Server Clan Battles?

  • The Clan Commander or Deputy Commander needs to enter the schedule located under the Clan Battles icon in the Battle Type section. The current game session day is marked with a white frame.
  • Select the preferred prime time for your Clan.
  • Assemble a team of Clan mates who are eager to fight and win.
  • When the Clan team is ready, the Commander presses the “Battle!” button, which in turn fixes the prime time and sends the team into the matchmaker queue.
  • After the prime time is fixed for the current day, you can only change it again for the following days.

A new game session day starts at 14:00 UTC+8.

You can change the prime time at any moment before you enter your first Clan Battle on the same game session day.

If the players of a Clan only want to play on one game server, the new system will allow them to make a single selection of the prime time.

Features of the Test Season

Cross-server matchmaking is a unique addition to the list of features in World of Warships, and one that requires elaborate development and numerous iterations of testing. To ensure the smooth launch of the main Clan season, we decided to conduct another test season to ensure the new rules work correctly on the main server.

From March 11 through 17, four gaming sessions will be available: on Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Prime time in different regions:

  • ASIA 12:00 – 15:30 UTC
  • CIS 16:00 – 20:00 UTC
  • EU 18:00 – 22:00 UTC
  • NA 23:30 – 03:30 UTC

Keep in mind that when you participate in battles held in a different region (other than your “native” one), you may encounter latency issues. This can occur when the server for your battle is located in a different region.

During the test Clan season you can have one aircraft carrier on your team. The carrier’s primary task lies in performing reconnaissance duties: helping the team by spotting enemy destroyers and cruisers.

Introducing aircraft carriers into Clan Battles is not an easy job. It might require changing the team lineup, ship spawn points on the map, or even balance characteristics for the aircraft carrier type. The test season will help us to determine the improvements required to introduce aircraft carriers into Clan Battles in future. Aircraft carriers will not be allowed to participate in the fifth Clan Battles season, codenamed “Land of Fire”.

Battles within the test season will be fought with Tier X ship in a 7 vs. 7 format.

Ship type restrictions:

  • Maximum of one battleship
  • Maximum of one aircraft carrier

Available maps:

  • Islands of Ice
  • Sea of Fortune
  • Sleeping Giant
  • Land of Fire

The following rules are in effect for the Islands of Ice, Land of Fire, and Sleeping Giant maps:

  • 3 key areas
  • Time required to capture the key area: 40 seconds
  • Scoring capture points: 3 points per every 4 seconds

The following rules are in effect for Sea of Fortune map:

  • 4 key areas
  • Time required to capture the key area: 40 seconds
  • Scoring capture points: 2 points per every 4 seconds

Other Changes and Improvements

Now in battle, you can see the regions that other players belong to, as well as their Ratings. On the team lineup screen, you can also check your opponent’s region and the Rating (Alpha or Bravo) they were fighting for.

Rewards for Testing

Play 10 battles during the test season, a minimum of which 5 should be played during the prime time of another region. For doing so, you’ll earn 500 Steel and 15,000 Coal.

For winning three Clan Battles once per day, you’ll get 60 Oil for your Clan and three of each of the following signals: India Delta, India Yankee, Juliet Charlie, Sierra Mike, Victor Lima, and Juliet Whiskey Unaone.

Statistics for the test season will only be available for the duration of version 0.8.1.

Assemble you battle-hardened friends, select a prime time that suits your Clan best, and fight opponents from all over the globe! We’re looking forward to your feedback on the test season of cross-server Clan Battles.


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