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The game is nearing the second in a series of updates dedicated to aircraft carriers, with plenty of fascinating things coming your way. A new tech tree of British carriers, changes to certain in-game mechanics, and much more!

British Aircraft Carriers Are Coming SoonNaval Aviation CollectionImproved In-Game MechanicsShards Map RevisionPort OptimizationOther Changes

IMPORTANT! Because the Update is still being tested, the information in this Bulletin is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Some changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the Update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the update is released.

British Aircraft Carriers Are Coming Soon

Update 0.8.1 provides early access to the line of British aircraft carriers.

British aircraft have a large amount of HP. Their attack aircraft are armed with high-velocity rockets, while their torpedo bombers carry torpedoes characterized by a short firing range but fast arming system, and also boast very good aiming time. The peculiarity of British dive bombers is that they can carry an extensive payload, and have the ability to continuously drop bombs without the need to perform an attack dive upon their target. If you manage to approach your target in the correct manner, your dive bombers will deal much more damage than dive bombers of other nations. However, if your target starts maneuvering, this will definitely diminish the effect of your strike.

You can gain access to the new ship branch using Crowns and Florins, temporary resources that can be used in the Arsenal. Exchange them on the main server to get the following British aircraft carriers: IV Hermes VI Furious, and VIII Implacable.

The new ships are not yet available on the Public Test server, as they are still being adjusted. The entire aircraft carrier type is still being balanced, so the British aircraft carriers you’ll see in early access phase might be further adjusted.

Crowns can be earned for completing the Directives of the “Fly! Strike! Win!” event, while Florins come from new British “Air Supply” containers. These particular containers may also drop a combat mission that can reward those who complete it with one of the following British ships: Edinburgh (Tier VIII), Hood (Tier VII), Duke of York (Tier VII), and Vanguard (Tier VIII).

Please note that the associated combat missions can only be completed on the main server.

Naval Aviation Collection

A new collection named “Naval Aviation” comprises 16 collectible items: aircraft models, signals of landing signal officers, and badges of U.K. carriers. The first item of the collection can be obtained from the Air Supply containers; the rest will appear in daily containers. Access to the collection is granted once you’ve acquired at least one of its collectibles, and subsequently activated the subscription on the Collection screen by enabling the “Collect” option.

You will be able to choose between various color schemes for the camouflage patterns of U.K. and Commonwealth ships, as well as mount two flags on British carriers as a reward for completing the thematic lists. Additionally, you will receive a permanent camo for the U.K. Tier VIII carrier Implacable as a reward for completing the entire collection.

Improved In-Game Mechanics

Surveillance Radar

At higher tiers, few battles are fought without a cruiser carrying the Surveillance Radar consumable. Still, we can hardly say it’s a must-have for this type of ship; French and Japanese cruisers perform more than adequately without radar capability. For certain ships, however, this equipment seems requisite, as it contributes heavily to their stance as destroyer-hunters.

That said, ships geared towards relying on their concealment and smoke are finding it increasingly difficult to survive in battles filled with radar-carrying ships. When fighting for key areas, there is a risk of being confronted by a ship that can detect them from a relatively safe distance despite their concealment. If that’s a single threat, the target ship has a chance to disengage and pull away, or fight on equal ground. But it more often happens that a spotted ship immediately finds itself under massive fire from all of the opponents fighting on that flank. As a result, a fragile ship has neither time to react, nor the chance to make an evasive maneuver, and is likely to lose a significant amount of hit points in the ensuing assault.

On the other hand, cases have occurred where the mere presence of a cruiser equipped with Surveillance Radar has forced destroyers to abandon the flank, move to the opposite side of the map, and leave their teammates unsupported.

Bearing these factors and your feedback in mind, we decided to change the mechanics behind the Surveillance Radar consumable.

Starting from Update 0.8.1, Surveillance Radar will operate on the following principle: Any ship being targeted by the radar will be rendered and visible to allies only after a 6-second period, provided that the targeted ship remains in the radar zone the entire time. All detected targets will immediately show up on the Minimap. Hence, the interaction of the ship using the Surveillance Radar and the detected target remains unchanged with no delay added.

Now, if a destroyer capturing a key area is suddenly spotted by radar, it will have some time to make evasive maneuvers and escape from the fire of most enemy ships. The same refers to cruisers hiding in smoke: they will be able to pick up speed and can even manage to assume a better position with their fore or aft towards the enemy.

These changes will affect the basic mechanics and the parameters of Surveillance Radar, i.e. its range and operation time.

  • The operating time of this consumable will be made more consistent across the many ships that come equipped with Surveillance Radar. It will also now be easier to remember the exact distance to maintain in order to avoid detection. In fact, this change will improve these ships’ characteristics, as the operating range of Surveillance Radar will grow.
  • Soviet cruisers, Pan-Asian destroyers, and various other ships carry a radar with a relatively short operating time. To avoid a reduction in the effective time in which teammates can take advantage of the consumable, we’ve increased its duration.


Great teamwork is the sum of more than just the duration of a consumable or concentrating fire on a target. It also implies that a consumable will be used at an appropriate time. Instances when two cruisers fighting side by side simultaneously fire up their Surveillance Radars are not rare. Having done so, they could later get a nasty surprise from enemy torpedoes hitting them while blind.

Starting from Update 0.8.1, every time an ally activates either Surveillance Radar or Hydroacoustic Search, a special sign will appear above the ship, visible to allies only. A message will also pop up in the allied chat, signaling that a particular consumable has been activated. We’ve also added a visual effect that will be displayed every time a consumable is activated. This should contribute towards enhancing cooperation within a team.

Apart from that, with the release of Update 0.8.1, Surveillance Radar, Hydroacoustic Search and Assured Acquisition will have distinctive indicators to inform you by which means your ship was detected.


Flooding poses a serious threat. Just a single case of flooding can deal damage comparable with three fires. Out of the fear of torpedoes, most players prefer to wait through several fires and save the Damage Control Party consumable charge, otherwise if their ship is afflicted by flooding while the consumable is in cooldown, the chances of the ship sinking are high.

Starting from Update 0.8.1 the flooding mechanics become similar to those of fires. On one hand the duration of flooding and the damage it causes decreases, but on the other hand the ship can be afflicted by up to two floods at a time in total, at the aft- and fore-ends of a ship. However, a ship can’t have more than one flood simultaneously on a single end of the ship. Skillful commanders will be able to benefit from this by effectively using one end of the ship (either aft or bow) to mitigate the damage they take from torpedoes. However, inattentive Commanders risk losing a significant chunk of HP. At the same time, we have also increased the penalty for the efficiency of ship propulsion. Though flooding will deal less damage to cruisers and destroyers, it will still be a threat to these ships due to the resulting reduction in propulsion power capacity. This in turn affects maneuverability, significantly affecting a ship’s survivability.

The Juliet Yankee Bissotwo signal that decreases the duration of flooding by 20% will undoubtedly become more useful.

If you have no fear of flooding, but on the contrary are the one with a propensity towards annihilating your opponents with torpedoes, it’s worth noting that the overall damage you are accustomed to dealing your enemy will remain the same. Now, players will be less cautious about flooding and won’t reserve use of the Damage Control Party consumable until they receive a torpedo hit. This will result in more damage being dealt by flooding overall, as opposed to reducing it.

Shards Map Revision

The location and height of the islands on the Shards map have been altered to provide a more enjoyable experience for all ship types. The islands near the central key area now have a more symmetrical shape, while the arrangement of the islands around the flank key areas provide more space for maneuvers within the enclosed zone. The key areas should be easier to capture when approached from the center of the map. The visual appearance and lighting has also been changed for this map. Expect this map to be used for battles involving Tier VIII–X ships.

0.8.1 Shards

Port Optimization

The Port is a place that accommodates all of a player’s ships. Here you can see flags and signals fluttering, and the steel sides of ships reflecting in the sunlight. This central point of the game accommodates numerous windows and tabs such as Exterior, Modules, Campaigns, the Arsenal among others. We are constantly working on optimizing the Port, and as a result Update 0.8.1 introduces a number of interface improvements. Port items should now render in a smoother manner and without freezing. Of course, our ongoing work to create further improvements will continue in future iterations of the game.

Other Changes

One small, but long-awaited change, is the ability to open all collected containers with a single click. Now, opening containers will be quick and painless, with any received rewards shown in a separate window.

A winter fair has come to the Port of London: amusement rides and stands with festive goods now stretch along the sunlit snowy promenade.

  • The music and sound environment in the Port and in battle has been improved: fresh audio design, sounds, and their synchronization with the visual effects in the Ports has been added.
  • Optimized visual effects of torpedo trails and the sea foam that occurs when a ship is destroyed.
  • It’s now possible to exchange credits for combat signal bundles in the Arsenal.
  • With the Update 0.8.1, we will officially and permanently discontinue support of compatibility with 32-bit (x86) operating systems. All details on the subject are available in a separate article.

Join the Public Test and try out the upcoming changes of Update 0.8.1! Collect all the awards and share your experience with us!


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