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The beginning of the French cycle of updates, the new Crash Zone Alpha map, and the thirteenth season of Ranked Battles! You’ll be able to enjoy this and much more during the Public Test of Update 0.8.6.

IMPORTANT! Because the Update is still being tested, the information in this Bulletin is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Some changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the Update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the Update is released.

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The French Arc

The upcoming updates are dedicated to France. The French arc presents a branch of French destroyers, a new game event, the updated Port of Marseille, and other innovations.

Features of French destroyers

  • The specific distribution of their Hit Points allows them to survive longer under intense enemy fire. After significant damage has been caused to the central part of the hull, it receives only 1/6 damage instead of the typical 1/3.
  • Lack of the Smoke Generator consumable that’s usually present on destroyers is compensated for by their high speeds and enhanced Engine Boost consumable.
  • Starting at Tier VI, these ships are equipped with the Main Battery Reload Booster consumable.
  • Starting at Tier VIII, the destroyers of the French branch can boast comfortable ballistics and AP shells with good armor penetration for this ship type. This enables players to inflict considerable damage to enemy cruisers’ citadels from medium ranges.

You’ll be able to obtain special event containers on the live server that carry a certain chance of dropping a combat mission. Once this has been completed, you’ll gain early access to the new Tier V–VIII destroyers. The containers won’t drop such combat missions during the Public Test.

Although there will be no French destroyers for this Public Test, your schedule will be as busy as ever. During the new event you can expect 42 missions spread across four Directives. As rewards for their completion, you’ll receive various in-game items and event containers.

Many ships in the carousel will be marked with the Symbol of France. These symbols function in a similar way to “stars,” offering a bonus for the first victory of each day. In 0.8.6, a victory in any battle mode, except for Clan or Training Battles, on ships marked with the Symbol of France will reward you with valuable resources:

  • For Tier VI or lower ships—Coal
  • For Tier VII to X ships—Republic Tokens, a new temporary resource

Please note: you can get a bonus for each ship only once during Update 0.8.6.

You can exchange Republic Tokens for thematic bundles in a special tab in the Armory. Once you’ve acquired the final bundle, special random bundles will become available in exchange for doubloons. These are the new award-receiving mechanics, and they function in a similar way to containers. However, unlike the latter, you can always see the contents and number of bundles available. Please note that the awards issued during the Public Test may differ from those issued on the live server.

Take part in the new game event, activate Symbols of France, and try out the new mechanics of receiving awards during the Public Test.


The legendary white facade of the cliffs of Dover has looked over the final resting place of many a ship in the annals of history. In Update 0.8.6, a new map called Crash Zone Alpha is set to appear in the game for Tier VIII–X battles in Domination mode. The map has two versions: with three and four key areas, respectively. The map will also be interesting for aficionados of Clan Battles: the “home” key areas of the teams are located quite close to each other, which will force the teams to reconsider their usual combat tactics.

The Greece map has undergone further improvements: at the request of players, sunny weather has been added. Besides this, the islands located rear of the teams have been updated and will now act as more reliable cover.

Ranked Battles

Update 0.8.6 features a new season of Ranked Battles! Battles will involve only Tier IX ships and will be held in a “6 vs. 6” format. A considerable reward of 5,500 Steel is at stake, and if you reach Rank 1, you’ll be awarded the Jolly Roger achievement.

On the live server, the Ranked Battles season will begin two weeks after the release of Update 0.8.6.

Game Balance Changes

AA defense guns now deal permanent damage several times per second. Previously, the frequency of damage depended on the type of weapon. Taking your requests into consideration and to make the operation of AA defenses more stable, we’ve standardized damage infliction. The damage value will also be recalculated, in consideration of the increased frequency. This is a merely technical change aimed at preventing some inconsistencies, with the total damage per second remaining nearly the same.

X Henri IV is one of the most powerful Tier X cruisers in the game. This fast-moving ship is capable of inflicting considerable damage with her HE shells, and the Main Battery Reload Booster consumable only makes her more formidable. To balance the strength of the cruiser, the reload speed of her main battery guns has been increased from 12.3 to 13 seconds.

German cruisers IX Roon and X Hindenburg used to be inferior to other ships of the same type in terms of their overall battle efficiency, but now their guns have a faster reload time of 10.5 seconds instead of 11.

German battleships stand out for their secondary armament, but the style of gameplay utilizing this weaponry often cedes to a more survival-oriented way of playing. To make the use of secondary armament more appealing to players, the armor-penetration capability of the 105 mm guns mounted on VIII Bismarck, VIII Tirpitz, VIII Graf Zeppelin, and Tier VIII–X German cruisers has been increased from 17 to 25 mm. This change will enable shells fired by these guns to penetrate the plating of destroyers, cruisers, and Tier VI–VII battleships.

X Yueyang‘s torpedo armament has been enhanced: the reload time of her torpedo tubes has been reduced from 156 to 146 seconds.

A handsome set of consumables and powerful guns allow X Grozovoi to be one of the most effective destroyers at Tier X. But in order to better balance her, the main battery reload time has been increased from 4 to 4.2 seconds.

The reload time of X Gearing‘s researchable torpedo tubes has been reduced from 136 to 122 seconds. This will increase the overall damage that she can cause, and draw more players’ attention to the potential of her torpedo tubes.

Balancing changes have also affected V Emerald, VIII Z-23, IX Jutland, VIII Kii, and IX Chung Mu. We’ll tell you more about these changes in the Development Blog and in the future news articles regarding Update 0.8.6.

British Battleships

Exposing their broadsides to an enemy’s salvo is the worst mistake most ships can make. However, due to their low-lying citadels and long-distance combat tactics, the consequences of such an error for Royal Navy battleships were much less tangible. In the new version, the citadel of battleships VII King George V, IX Lion, VII Duke of York, VIII Monarch, and X Conqueror has been enlarged, and now occupies part of the ships’ casemates. On the other hand:

  • The amount of damage caused to any part of a ship (except for the citadel) that can be restored by the Repair Party consumable will increase from 60% to 75%.
  • Duke of York will have an additional Repair Party charge.
  • Repair Party will recover 0.6% of the maximum HP pool per second instead of 0.5%, for King George V, Duke of York, and Monarch.
  • Repair Party will reload within 90 seconds instead of 120 for King George V, Monarch, and Duke of York. The consumable will recharge within 120 seconds instead of 180 for Lion and Conqueror.

These changes will enable enemy ships to teach British battleships a good lesson about the results of carelessly exposing their broadsides by causing them some considerable damage. However, if players manage to avoid such mistakes and skillfully use the improved Repair Party consumable, the survivability of these Steel Monsters will only be strengthened.

Other Changes

The water visual processing system has been improved: the annoying ripples at the horizon will no longer distract the attention of Captains. Moreover, the in-game lighting model has been updated. This is an important change that opens the doors for a massive graphics update for the game in the future.


The automatic collision alert system will divert ships from islands more reliably, with manual control always being a priority.

Aircraft carrier bots have returned to Co-op Battles. Now, a player on an aircraft carrier will face not a battleship, but an aircraft carrier.

The updated Raptor Rescue operation is back: AI opponents have had all their skills, upgrades, and enhanced consumables reset, and the composition of enemy groups has changed.

Join the Public Test, try out balancing changes, and explore the new map! See you in the test!


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