[WG news] Earn Tier VII Soviet cruiser Lazo while you can!




In Update 0.8.4 your participation in the competition will be rewarded with Provision Tokens instead of Allowance Tokens. 

If you already enrned 1,500 Allowance Tokens, now is the time to get VII Lazo! If you are on your way to earn 1,500 Allowance Tokens, no worries, we still have time!

After 0.8.4 release, the only way to earn Allowance Tokens for Lazo will be lootboxes for 1,250 in the Armony.

In Update 0.8.5,  VII Lazowill be no longer available for purchase in the Armory. 

Want to check again how to earn Allowance Tokens? 

Go to the dedicated page


For a limited time,  VII Lazo can be obtained for 1,500 Allowance Tokens in the Armory.

Allowance Tokens are a new temporary resource that can be exchanged for various in-game items in the Armory, from signals and Warships Premium Account time, to Premium Soviet VII Tier cruiser VII Lazo.

This Soviet Project 68 light cruiser has large dimensions and carries a formidable main battery that comprises twelve 152 mm guns. Lazo is well suited to long-range engagements. She excels at exchanging fire over long distances due to the trademark features of her Soviet artillery, and through utilizing the specific parameters of her Spotting Aircraft consumable. There are just a couple of Tier VII ships that can hold this cruiser accountable for her boldness.


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