[WG news] Naval Battle: New Missions



Attention, Clan Captains!

An update is coming for Naval Battle, bringing new missions for the Preparation and Engagement stages. Please note: the Preparation stage is still dependent on the number of players in a Clan.

During a period of two weeks from May 6 until May 19, players will be required to cause damage in both Preparation and the Engagement stages

The missions will be as follows:

  • Cause 10,000 HP of damage
  • Cause 20,000 HP of damage
  • Cause 40,000 HP of damage
  • Cause 60,000 HP of damage

After completing these, each following mission will require players to cause an additional 10,000 HP of damage.

This change will enable players to participate in the competition with a variety of ships, and make Naval Battle more interesting and diverse.

The competition doesn’t stop here, and we’ll definitely share further missions with you in future.

You can find a detailed guide to the event in a separate dedicated article.


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