[WG news] Naval Legends: U.S.S. Iowa Versus Yamato and Tirpitz


In the 1930s, the world’s naval superpowers often secretly ignored and evaded world treaties that were intended to curtail the arms race, and were designing new and never-seen-before battleships.

Every nation was striving to build a ship that would be bigger and more powerful than the German Tirpitz and Japanese Yamato. The U.S. government decided to build a series of brand-new battleships in order to give themselves a real chance of counteracting their potential enemies. The lead ship of the series was named Iowa, and she was the only superbattleship that managed to survive World War II.

Battleships Iowa, Yamato, and Tirpitz never actually met in battle. In a new and special episode of Naval Legends, we’re going to compare these ships and try to imagine which of them might be the victor of a hypothetical battle between the three superbattleships.

Did you like the episode? Then be sure to watch the Naval Legends episodes about Yamato and Iowa!

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