[WG news] Sea Smackdown 2.0: Everyone vs. Georgia



In the latest episode of the rebooted Sea Smackdown show, our resident expert—dreameater_—continues his commentary and analysis of selected replays.

This episode highlights the plight of a player on battleship IX Georgia, who hasn’t decided on his nickname yet. The battle stands out, not only because Georgia dealt about 300,000 HP of damage to enemy ships, but also because much of it was dealt in dynamic close quarters combat. In conjunction with her allies, our hero’s battleship commenced the attack and soon found herself in a difficult situation—several ships lay ahead and commenced attacking her! Let’s find out how our Captain managed to handle this potentially devastating conundrum.

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How does one send a replay to our show?

To appear in our new series, it takes more than just showing phenomenal results. You have to share them with us!

If you have a great battle replay where you carried the game, simply log in to https://replayswows.com using your Wargaming account credentials, press the “Upload replay” button—and share your combat experiences!

Any player can send us an unlimited number of replays. Players will receive a reward for each replay that we pick for an episode!


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