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Take That To the Bank

When it comes to European naval conflicts, the North Sea tends to be a vital region of control. Not only does it come between Britain’s eastern coast and the European mainland, but it also provides vital sailing routes for Germany and other Northern European nations. So naturally, the area becomes hotly contested in times of war and Dogger Bank, a large shallow area near the North Sea’s center, has been the site of a half-dozen naval showdowns since the 1600s.

One of those showdowns happened in 1915 during World War I. In this particular battle of Dogger Bank, the Royal Navy staged a surprise attack on a German High Seas Fleet raiding group. The battle raged among 73 different vessels, but today we’re giving you the short version and focusing on just one ship:   III Kolberg

  III Kolbergwas part of the Second Scouting Group under Admiral Hipper’s reconnaissance fleet patrolling Dogger Bank. The Royal Navy, monitoring the fleet’s communications, set out to intercept the reconnaissance force. By the following morning, January 24 1915 at 07:00, the Royal Navy made their move.

Fifteen minutes later (07:15), Royal Navy light cruiser Aurora moved to catch up with the fleet after being separated by fog. Instead, she inadvertently came upon Kolberg who subsequently unleashed accurate salvos. Aurora returned fire, causing Kolberg to veer away.

Kolberg alerted the rest of the fleet. They began to consolidate in preparation for withdrawal, but the battle would rage on for the rest of the day.

The Battle of Dogger bank reduced German involvement in the North Sea and provided them with knowledge that they’d apply in the Battle of Jutland. Though by no means a formidable force in the battle,   III Kolberg‘s role at Dogger Bank provides an imporant lesson for World of Warships captains: spotting matters for team survival.

In Focus – SMS Kolberg

Kolberg uploaded by maxromash on Sketchfab

  III Kolberg and her sisters succeeded the   II Dresden-class vessels with two extra primary guns and a similiar role to her predecessor – scouting and commerce-raiding.

In game, she’s very similiar. Guns that worked wonders on commerce raids won’t do much against battleships or even adequately-armored cruisers. Destroyers should be   III Kolberg‘s main focus. Her rapid-fire guns can keep up the pressure and whittle away at enemy HP, while her dexterity avoids the inevitable torpedo launches. High gun arcs also allow Kolberg to fling shells over some islands. Act as an escort to allied destroyers — they can help spot threats earlier and provide you with opportunities to offer cover fire.

This cruiser is one of the toughest to master at tier III, but is an absolute blast to play once that mastery is achieved!


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