[WG news] ST, “French destroyers. Part 2”, new unique commander and collection



Update 0.8.7 will include the second part of the French destroyers event. It will be represented by one stage of the four directives.

For completing the tasks of the directives and taking places in the hall of fame of the event, you will get various ingame items, containers “Legion of Honour” and a new temporary resource -Gallic token.

The containers will reward players with elements of the new French collection and a chance to get a combat mission on one of the premium French ships: De Grasse, Aigle, Gascogne, Le Terrible.

A new collection dedicated to the French navy consisting of 4 parts is coming. For completing the sub-collections, you will be able to gain a second flag and alternative camouflage color scheme for French battleships and cruisers. For completing the whole collection, you will be able to mount a second flag and alternative camouflage color scheme for the French destroyers.

Gallic tokens can be exchanged in the Arsenal for consumable camouflages, days of warships premium account, signals, doubloons and the main award of update 0.8.7 — the new unique commander Philippe Auboyneau!

The new commander has three talents:

  • Flame of the Revolution — Each time player gets a ribbon for capturing or helping to capture a control area, the chance of causing fire by main battery shells increases by 1%;
  • Fully armed — activates with obtaining the “Devastating strike” achievement and reduces reload time of ships armament by 10%;
  • Speed and endurance — Increases the ship’s maximum speed by 5% for each million of potential damage.

These talents do not work in Clan battles.

Besides that, this commander has one improved skill: “Survivability Expert”: increases the ship’s hit points by 400 per level, and the aircraft by 30.

The talents of the new commander and the conditions for their activation are a continuation of the new concept for unique commanders, which was started with the appearance of Admiral Kuznetsov in the game. The conditions of activating Philippe Auboyneau’s talents match the gameplay of the true French commander, but are quite simple, and the talents themselves give less bonuses than those of such unique commanders as Halsey and Yamamoto.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.


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