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New map ‘Bering Sea’ for tier VIII-X battles will be added to the game. The map is at an early stage of testing and does not yet have a specific visual style, but some gameplay features are already known.

In addition to the standard spawn locations of the teams, a new concept of starting positions will be tested on the ‘Bering Sea’. The idea is that the teams will start battle next to each other in one part of the map, divided only by a group of islands.

These spawn locations will be used in the “Domination” mode, as well as in the new “Breakthrough” test mode, where the teams will start moving in parallel courses to one or more neutral control areas at the other end of the map, in order to capture them. These changes should diversify the gameplay and increase the dynamics of the early stages of the battle.

Also, various options for the placement of control areas in the “Domination” mode will be tested on the new map.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.


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