[WG news] WIN CAMO, SHIPS, & MORE – Victoire Marine Nationale Event




Enter the French Fray! 

With French destroyers on the horizon, it’s time to take your favorite ships of the Marine Nationale out for some battles. The more you win, the more chances you have of winning cool stuff like  VIII Bayard and V Siroco. Easy, right? 

La Victoire Marine National Event

STARTS: 2019/08/02 @ 18:00 (UTC+8) / your local time: 2019/08/02 @ 12:00
ENDS: 2019/08/05 @ 16:00 (UTC+8) / your local time: 2019/08/05 @ 10:00

PRIZES OUT BY: 2019/08/10 @ 13:00 (UTC+8) / your local time: 2019/08/10 @ 07:00

The Rules

  • Fight in any tier V or higher French ship during the event period
  • Get 1 entry for every Random, Ranked, or Clan Battle victory
  • After event ends, random entries will be drawn for prizes
  • You must click “PARTICIPATE” for your victories to earn entries

You can click the “Participate” button right now or any other time before the end of the competition. By joining the contest, you agree to the terms of the competition and grant us permission to publish your results.

After clicking the “Participate” button you will immediately receive a Sierra Mike signal flag to confirm you are taking part.


  • 10 Winners:  VIII Bayard +  V Siroco + 2x Port Slots 
  • 240 Winners: 1x French Destroyer Container
  • All Participants with at least one entry: 2x “French Riviera” Camo 


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