[WG news] WoWS Show: the Unsinkable Iowa



  • VIII Vladivostok scores a hat trick!
  • Demonstrations of true strength from IX Iowa and X Conqueror!
  • Witness the power of X Yamato and X Großer Kurfürst in action!

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How does one send a replay to our show?

You need to log in to the website https://replayswows.com using your Wargaming account credentials. Then click the “Upload Replay” button and share your in-game stories! Don’t forget to write the names of the show and your ship in the “Title” section, to ensure that we don’t miss your replay. Example: #WOWSHOW (Tirpitz).

How do we select replays for our show?

To be approved for our show, a replay should correspond to the following criteria:

  • Duration of an episode or a pack of mini episodes shouldn’t exceed one minute.
  • Episodes should be funny, interesting, or just plain epic. The more entertaining; the better!

Any player can send us an unlimited number of replays. Players will receive a reward for every replay chosen for the show!


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