[WG RU news] Shipstorm: Congratulations to the winners




The storm that raged last weekend on the CIS server, verse. And we are ready to announce the winners of the regional tournament Shipstorm. Let’s find out their names!

1 place

[SG-S] Top Zero

  • TunnanykT
  • Vova_ZuB
  • Vany_572
2nd place

[LAIR] NoName

  • foudroyante
  • __Papa_Got_
  • mazgoffnet
3rd place

[CLOUD] The Hunters

  • ShAAAM
  • Custozar
  • GoStop
  • pobejdun
4th place


  • Hadya_Kyznetsova
  • Mickwitz
  • Smile_M_F_Smile
  • wulff_standhaft

In addition, special awards for overcoming trials were awarded to:

  • “Storm of damage” – Ghost_Recon , who managed in one battle to inflict 140,515 damage;
  • “Storm of Steel Fish” – DMNtactic with the result of 6 torpedo hits in one battle;
  • Battle of Education” BattleFrame , which destroyed 9 enemy ships in the first stage of the tournament.

Honor and respect to skillful commanders!

All rewards will be accrued within 5 business days.

We thank the teams for the spectacular fights. It should be noted separately your perseverance, the will to win and the ability to work in a team – perhaps it is these qualities that real commanders should possess.

We express our gratitude to the organizers of the tournament from the game community “Sea Hedgehogs” – without your work this event would not have taken place! Commentators and streamers covering the tournament also provided significant support.

Thank you for your attention to the tournament and all the spectators and fans. The Shipstorm Tournament was a success!


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