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A storm is expected on the CIS server. Weather forecasters report wind intensification and increased waves – the storm season is approaching us. Participate in the Shipstorm tournament!

Shipstorm is a quick tournament for anyone who loves to play in a squad. In teams of only 3 players, and the battle lasts no more than 15 minutes. Opponents face to face from the very beginning of the battle.


Registration: from June 6 to June 19.
Group stage * : June 22.
Playoffs: June 23rd.
Summing up: June 25th.

* The group stage consists of eight matches. The draw is conducted according to the Swiss system.


In total, up to 256 teams can register in the tournament.

Fundamental rules

  • Each team must be: 1 battleship, 1 cruiser, 1 destroyer.
  • One of the ships should be VIII level, the other two – VII level.

More information about the tournament rules here .


1 place

premium ship of VIII level, 15,000 coal, 3000 doubloons, 2 containers “In the Service to the Fatherland”

2nd place

premium ship VII level, 12,500 coal, 1,500 doubloons, 2 containers “In the Service to the Fatherland”

3rd place

premium ship VI level, 10 000 coal, 1000 doubloons, 2 containers “In the service of the Fatherland”

4th place

premium ship of level V, 5,000 coal, 500 doubloons, 2 containers “In the Service to the Fatherland”

5–16 places

4000 coal, 500 doubloons, 2 containers “In the Service to the Fatherland”

5–8 places in stage 1

4000 coal, 2 containers “Serving the Fatherland”

9–16 places in stage 1

2000 coal

participation prize

3 days premium account

Rewards do not include ships withdrawn from sale.

Prizes are given to each team member who took part in at least one match.

Register and keep the course in the first place!


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