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The third clan season is over, and the battle fuse has not gone anywhere? So you want to compete with a worthy opponent and prove that your team is the most played and serious? Take part in the tournament, organized by the forces of the community “Sea Hedgehogs” and their military commissariat DMNtactic ! Especially it will be of interest to players living in the time zone of the MSC +5.

The prize fund of the event is 80 000 doubloons, and all players who have overcome the group stage will be able to receive a separate award. You can enter the tournament with a team of five people.

You can register for participation until October 4 23:59 (MSK) in this thread .

The start time for matches is 14:30 and 19:30 (MSK). Depending on the selected zone command (East or West), a more appropriate time will be selected. More on this you can read in the “tournament” topic on the forum.

The participants of the four teams that have passed to the final stage of the tournament will also be able to change their status in the forum to any of their choice, if it does not violate the rules of the game.

Demonstrate your power to all!

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