[WG RU news] Tournament King of the Sea VII. Participate!

[WG RU news] Tournament King of the Sea VII. Participate!


Commanders of clans, attention: it’s time to defend the honor of the CIS-region!

Ten days later, the seventh tournament of the King of the Sea series starts – a competition designed to reveal the champions of the four regions and push them in a hot and spectacular confrontation.

The top three teams of the CIS this time will wait for the fight with the best teams of Asia, which has not happened in the history of World of Warships so far. At least it is worth looking at it. If you can build a team of nine people, use your chance to thunder on the entire server!

About the tournament

The first tournament of the King of the Sea series (“King of the Sea”) was held in December 2016 on a European server, where in just a year the competition had become a beloved tradition. This tradition was picked up by other regions, which somewhat changed the format of the tournament. The clash of the best teams of different servers has become an integral part of it.

Our region participated in the tournament for the first time this spring. The title of the best team in the CIS was won by [Smile Gaming] Smile, but at the inter-regional stage they failed to defeat RAIN, the current champions from Europe.

Will Smiles be able to defend the title of CIS-Kings and retain the special flag of the King of the Sea? We will find out soon!

Flag of King of the Sea – the main prize of the tournament, confirming the title of “King of the Sea”. Gives the following bonuses:

  • + 50% of the experience of the commander of the ship;
  • + 15% credits per fight.

Please note: the King of the Sea flag may be owned by only one team in the region. This means that the current server champions will need to defend their title in order to retain it.

Show current champions

[Smile Gaming] Smile

Fundamental rules

  • The battles will be held in the “9 on 9” format on ships of the X level.
  • On each side in the battle can participate no more than one aircraft carrier and two battleships.
  • The total prize pool of the tournament is more than 160,000 doubloons and 1,000,000 coal.
  • In total, up to 64 teams can register in the tournament.
  • The three strongest teams from the CIS and Asia will fight each other to defend the honor of their region.

To learn the detailed rules of the tournament, click on the button below.

Tournament regulations

List of available cards

  • “Ice Islands”
  • “Trap”
  • “Sea of ​​Hope”
  • “The Way of the Warrior”
  • “Split”
  • “North”
  • “Tears of the Desert”

How to participate

Participate in the tournament King of the Sea can any team, which includes at least nine people. To register your team to participate in the tournament, the commander must click the button below and leave a request.

Registration will begin on October 12, 19:00 (Moscow time) / your local time: October 12, 18:00
Registration deadline: Oct 18 23:59 (MSK) / your local time: Oct 18 22:59

To register

Since the number of places is limited, registration is carried out according to the following principle: who came first, that is the place.

Communication method

Discord is the main platform where tournament organizers will answer your questions. All teams must have at least one representative available on the WoWs CIS Informal Discord server on the appropriate days.



  • October 20: group stage.
  • October 27: knockout matches (1/16, 1/8, 1/4).
  • November 3: semi-finals, match for 3rd place and regional final.
  • November 4: interregional stage.


Prizes of the CIS region

Occupied place

Team Prize

1st place

54,000 doubles

384,000 coal

Flag of King of the Sea

2nd place

42,000 doubles

288,000 coal

3rd place

30,000 doubles

192,000 coal

4th place

18,000 doubles

192,000 coal

5–8th places

12,000 doubles

96,000 coal

9–16th places

6000 doubles

48,000 coal

17–32th places

48,000 coal

32–62 th place

60 units of camouflage FTW

The earned prize is evenly divided into all team members.

Prizes can be received only by those players who have participated in at least one match.

Prizes of the interregional stage

Occupied place Prize for each team member
1st place Any commercially available premium ship of level VIII
2nd place Any commercially available premium ship level VII
3rd place Any commercially available premium ship VI level

Reward does not include ships withdrawn from sale.

Tune in to win!

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