[WGP2W] Wargaming Pay-to-Win – Clan Interview

Published on March 2018; last update: n/a; reporter: PseudoMi



  • Team Battles 1st Season => 4th place
  • French CC Tournament 2016 => 1st place
  • MDIV League 3 => 1st place for T6 and 4th place for T8
  • LOTS 1 => top 4 EU
  • KOTS 4 => top 4 EU
  • KOTS 5 => 1st place EU + champions EU/NA
  • Team Battles 2nd Season => 8th place

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Recruitment post


Reporter: Special greetings to the very first clan to answer an interview request for Yellow Sub! When did your clan start and what is the story behind ?

t3h3th32 (clan commander):

Our clan really started in full swing during the 1st Season of Team Battles. I (t3h3th32) have been part of roughly a dozen smaller clans and 2 major top-tier EU competitive teams to realize, I wasn’t satisfied, with how they treated their members and then I’ve met several like-minded people and we’ve discussed the whole clan business, I made my pitch and we decided to roll with that.

One of the core things was, the little clans just don’t cut it and are usually started by people for people, who play the game for several months (maybe 1 season of Team Battles) and then they stop playing, but we wanted to create a solid and stable environment, which could last for many years and I think, we’ve successfully accomplished that. That was one major idea behind that. On top of that, with me (t3h3th32) having all that experience from other World of Warships top clans, I knew very well, how childish and immature the behavior in most of them is, namely the atmosphere on TS, when said team started losing: as far as those teams were winning, everything was fantastic, people cracking jokes, etc., but when those teams started losing, people started raging, insulting each other and so on. This was actually the main reason, why I withdrew myself from the other clans and later down the road, we decided to do our own thing, because most of us at this point just don’t have the patience to listen to some angry frustrated teens on TS, who know better than you, because their stats are purple.

We aimed at creating something revolutionary, something visionary, something new. As our logo states, I quote: “MODERN COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT” and that’s it. We play on a very high competitive level, yet we do it in a friendly and entertaining way, unlike many other top clans out there. We enjoy winning, we enjoy losing, we enjoy having good times together as friends, as a community. Where other clans have edgy teenage insults and throwing rage tantrums, we deal with any obstacles in a very professional way and while doing so, we crack a joke or two in the process, because after all, this is a video game and it should entertain us in the end instead of bringing more desperation into our lives. That was sort of the moral background behind all of this. Loyalty, friendship and moral integrity are extremely important to us. This is why we’re selecting our members thoroughly and yes, we’ve had a few of those crazy teenagers in our clan as well, but due to our strict rules, they usually don’t last very long.

Other clans often boast with bold statements of being the best of the best and so on and to that, all I can say is that we play the competitive META on a very high level. Are we the best? I can’t say. For some people we might be, for others we might be the worse. There are multiple criteria based on which you can rate a team and that’s why I personally try to stay away from labeling teams. Our constantly growing member base indicates some level of interest, so I’d like to think, we’re doing alright. As far as our competitive goals are, we don’t necessarily even aim to be the best of the best and be winning every competitive event there is. We rather cherish our consistency, which means, that for every competitive event out there, we’ll be there, we’ll compete, we’ll be kicking some [edited]and having lots of fun, while doing so. Some we’ll win, some not so much and that’s called life, I guess.

As far as the Founding Fathers go, it was myself & Hywes, who later stepped down as my second in command due to getting a new rather demanding job and GeneralOlsen took his place and we’ve been rocking the boat together ever since for the past almost 2 years. There’s of course several of other “Big Boys”, who always support the team. To name them all would probably serve for another separate article, but I can perhaps name Kamikazesushi, who occasionally likes to teamkill a certain OMNI member or Aschwell, who’s our little Hamster Potato or Admiral_Qwert, whom we’re calling Kuwert, because he likes that very much and many, many others.

As far as organizational milestones, difficulties or anecdotes go, again, there’re hundreds of those and it’d give enough material for at least a dozen follow-up interviews. Perhaps only one funny story comes to mind, so I’ll share it, because it has a moral story behind it: a while ago, this strange individual joined us and after some time, he wanted to become one of the leaders, but he was very aggressive and rather toxic, so we denied him that position in our leadership, because after all, he disagreed with basically everything, so we even questioned, why he’s still part of the team and doesn’t simply leave, then we discovered, he spent several months persuading as many other members as possible to leave the clan with him, so he was removed from the team, which was followed up by him spamming our entire recruitment topic on WoWs forum with walls of insults for the following week, until WG staff banned him as well and deleted those posts. Nowadays, this is probably one of the best MEMES our clan has and the moral story is that other clan leaders should be careful, who they bring into their teams.


Reporter: Your players average age, gender distribution (surprise us!), nationalities ?

t3h3th32 :

We’re an international team with an average age around 30 or so and yes, we do have some women, but we won’t share them with you!


Reporter: What about your contribution, as a clan or member of, to the WoWs-community ?

t3h3th32 :

Our implication to the community? Huh, that’s a tough one. We’re avid OMNI collectors .

We’re also hunting down Flamu, which is our ultimate challenge to one day defeat OMNI, while Flamu is on the team. Someone accomplished this I think, but it’s on a different YouTube channel, but such games are extra rare, rarer, than the rarest Pepe MEMES.

Other than that, I think, we like to spread joy and fun times, wherever we go. We have currently some projects in works, but I can’t disclose the full nature of that right now.


Reporter: What’s your key to success ? How exactly did you manage to accomplish this level, compared to other clans ?

t3h3th32 :

The key to success? Hmm. I think, the first step was to remove all mentally unstable people from the team. As I wrote in the intro, I have an extensive experience from other clans and I know very well, that raging salty teenagers just don’t work. We’re doing this for fun and we’re having really good times and that’s pretty much it.


Reporter: How do you prepare for competitions (KotS, CW) ? Are you doing something special ?

t3h3th32 :

We prepare for the tournaments, while having a bunch of trainings with other clans, so we get some basic experience of the current META. I think, it’s not really special as other teams are doing it as well.


Reporter: Tell us about your most difficult, epic victory ever.

t3h3th32 :

I’d say, they’re all difficult. There’re no such thing as easy wins on the level, we play the game. I think, the most epic games are showdowns between us and OMNI, especially due to the nature of our hobby to try and add them to our collection.

I think, it was a match in MDIV League 3, which *SPOILER ALERT* ended 3-2 for OMNI, but we’re leading 2-1 and were just about to close it down with 3-1, when our Kutuzov player for some reason, he never explained to this very day, sent his torpedoes and executed our full HP Akizuki and then he died himself and we lost on points. That was I think the most epic game we played. It wasn’t a victory on paper for us, but it was enough to consider it our own personal win. After we grilled OMNI in that semifinal game, they went to face AAO and they finally broke, so I guess in the end, it was maybe even this tense 5 rounds long game, which contributed to their final demise. Who knows, right?


Reporter *trying to suppress thoughts about what happened afterwards with the Kutuzov player*  And your worst defeat, at the worst moment, when victory seemed acquired ?

t3h3th32 :

This .

I’d not say, that everything was granted, but it was really a hilarious fail. Some individuals took it so hard, they muted themselves on TS and quit the team afterwards, but we’re not a team of quitters, so this only made us stronger in the end and so will any other future defeat.


Reporter: How does a week in your clan life looks like ?

t3h3th32 :

We’re doing divisions on TS, helping each other in Ranked on TS, having some trainings every now and then and most importantly having good times together.


Reporter: Is evolving at such level compatible with a classic life outside of the game ?

t3h3th32 :

WGP2W excels at that. We’re one of the best teams, which invest so little time into the game and yet we have very decent results, this is what we do best, because our member base isn’t composed from 15-year olds, who can play the game 5 or 6 hours each day and we also don’t have players, who play the game for living, e.g. streamers or YouTubers, like other top EU teams. We got guys, who have family, kids, full time jobs and so on, yet we make it work. I’d say, we combine the best of both worlds, because I say, is it too much to ask to be successful in real life as well as to be a part of a damn solid online gaming clan? WGP2W made that possible.


Reporter: Like in any online game community, clans come, clans go. We can often see established clans breaking apart from one day to another. What would you recommend for stability in time ?

t3h3th32 :

Like I stated before, all unstable or insane people gotta go, no matter how hard the decision might be. The story I shared about the crazy person, who spent nearly half a year trying to steal our team from under our noses, that was just me and my second in command being way too nice to him and giving him like a dozen of second chances. After we banned him, the clan really turned into something amazing and started to progress a lot, so yeah, it’s sometimes a tricky job, especially, when you don’t get to meet the people face to face.


Reporter: What qualities should a candidate have, beside stratospheric stats, to retain your attention ?

t3h3th32 :

We don’t care about someone’s stats. More accurately, we despise all these silly stats web-sites. We care about sitting down with that person on TS and talking to him and we either discover, he’s a good fit or that he’s not.


Reporter: What action would you undertake as clan officers, if you ever receive a complaint about one of your players insulting other players during a random game, screenshots provided ?

t3h3th32 :

We’d investigate and sit down with said individual to try and determine, what really went down. We don’t support such behavior, although humans are only humans and sometimes it’s better to vent in a video game, shouting at someone, than grabbing a gun and murdering someone in real life.


Reporter: Would you dare to describe yourself during your first 200 battles on the game ?

t3h3th32 :

I got my Omaha and I stopped at that and played only that ship and for far more than just 200 games. More like for the first 800 or so games. The matches were super fast, super dynamic and super fun. I didn’t even know, there were some stats, so I had games with like 10,000 DMG, while rushing full speed into a cap to brawl with an enemy DD and I had loads of fun. The recent stat padding and DMG farming just turned the game into something silly and boring. Probably time to go back to my Omaha. 🙂


Reporter: Your feelings about the first CW season, its format and gameplay ?

t3h3th32 :

Actually, there have been 2 seasons already. 1st season was T8 and 2nd season was T10. I know, they called it Team Battles and then they renamed it to Clan Battles, but I don’t respect that, because it was the same thing. T8 was the best time, I’ve had in this game. There were CVs, good ship balance in T8 and the games were fast (around 8 minutes each game) and dynamic. We traded that fun for T10 without CVs, where you have CAs like Des Moines or Moskvas sitting behind an island for 15 minutes, not even shooting their guns. All that, because I suppose, T8 was too much *PAY2WIN* for someone? Hard to say, but in my opinion, if T8 has ships like Kutuzov, T10 has Hindenburgs and saying, that IFHE premium ships are too OP doesn’t make much sense either. The main difference is, T10 ships are floating cities, you can’t even turn properly in such a ship, which results in the silly static bow-in campy META. Let’s hop for some improvements.


Reporter: How would you have organized the first CW season, if you were accordingly commissioned by WG ?

t3h3th32 :

We had a perfectly nicely working system in the 1st season and I mean the T8 season, not the camp-fest we got with T10. Is someone complaining about premiums being too OP? Provide them as rentals for the season for everyone. We’ve seen, they can do it. Heck, this could even encourage those players to actually buy said ship for Random Battles after the season ends. Is the IFHE too OP? Limit the line-up to 1 IFHE CA only as we’ve seen done in some tournaments, such as KotS series. If WG really wants to push T10 to encourage people grinding those ships, then so be it, but make those ships playable. How is a game supposed to be fast, dynamic and engaging, when it takes you like 1-2 minutes just to turn the ship around. I’m not saying, I want to see BBs with 50 knots speed, but some radical improvements should be done, otherwise enjoy bow-in camping Yamatos, Moskvas and / or Montanas sniping over 25 km.


Reporter: Your feelings about submarines ?

t3h3th32 :



Reporter: How do you see the game in 2021 – hypothetical version 1.0 ?

t3h3th32 :

If we keep going this competitive static mode route, where everything gotta be T10 and the more ships the better, e.g. 9v9 or 12v12, the game will be dead by this year or close to it. Of course, there’ll still be a few major EU competitive clans, still refusing to admit that (WGP2W probably among them, lol), because they’ll refuse to let go, but it’ll be the case. I mean, of course you’ll still have thousands of players playing it, so the game will never really die, but you know, what I mean, if you compare thousands of players to millions, right?


Reporter: Could you name three aspects of the game you consider brilliant, three things you would like to see coming in the future and three things you would like to see gone ?

t3h3th32 :

  • Things I love: A) class based system (CV – BB – CA – DD), B) clan competitive scene & C) fast paced Ranked Battles (I enjoy the overall design of 7v7 with T6 – T8 ships).
  • Things I’d include or improve: A) more classes ft. unique gameplay style, incl. submarines or maybe just some interesting tech trees coming out, B) further customization of ships (both the appearance and various builds) & C) Ranked Battles, where I no longer lose a star, if I get High Caliber, 150,000 DMG and 3 kills.
  • Things, I’d get rid of: A) campy and passive gameplay (the XP must radically reflect one’s involvement in the game), B) slow pacing of the game (oh God, those T10 ships and their 10 km wide turning circle and that acceleration, kek) & C) an AFK guy in Ranked Battles getting a star is a complete joke of a system.


Reporter: Name what you consider being the most Push-to-Win silver ship in the game. And the premium* one ? * available to all players at the moment we speak

t3h3th32 :

There’re many of those and it depends on one’s play style. Hindenburg is a very solid ship, I’d recommend and so is Atago, because Kutuzov or Belfast are no longer up for sale. You see, I’m mostly a CA player, so hence why those tips.


Reporter: What would you like to see on a site like Yellow Sub ?

t3h3th32 :

Some entertaining articles to read, but I’d almost prefer these interviews being translated into an audiovisual form with some of our matches playing in the background, that I’d most certainly watch. WGP2W team wishes you best of luck with your web-site project.


Reporter: Thank you. Do you have anything else you want to add ?

t3h3th32 :

So much more, but papers would run out of the ink probably.


Reporter: Thank you for your participation, t3h3th32 & WGP2W team, and good luck in all your goals.

t3h3th32 :

Thank you too. Cheers.

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